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Surnoms - Nicknames : Tiny-Mighty,The Pretty Doll, The Wonder Battery, Ninjita, The Warrior, Boucle d'Or, Intel Pentium, The Night Butterfly, the "Knight Princess", Karma..."Creative, Fierce, Mystical"...

"I'm more than a pretty face..." Elisabeth Taylor

"Veronique, Beaucoup d'atouts, beauté gaité intelligence pour entrer dans la vie, cultive-les" Mme Mellinger, Professeure bienveillante du Collège Paul Valéry Lorraine

Recruiting profile ;) :

1) ”Empathic leadership & HPE high emotional potential“ & US PERMA psychology 5 main forces of character : 1) courage & bravery 2) Creativity & Ingenuity 3) Curiosity & interest for the World 4) Leadership 5) Love for study & learning ;) 

2) 2023 Résultats Assessfirst Personality Tests :

TEST Personnalité : TALENTS TAGS : personal style "PROMOTEUR-ice" :) Leadership & Creativity/ Rigor & Empathy 
#lead #conviction #direct #assured #Critical thinking ability #autonomous #creative#tenacious #initiative #reactive #Enthousiastic #expressive #securised
TEST Motivation : favorite work environment : style "ACTION & DYNAMISM"
  #studious #flexibility #professionnal #agile #calm #adaptability #concentration #freedom #serious
Activités privilégiées : "concevoir, évaluer, perfectionner..."/ Privileged activities: "Design, evaluate, improve..."

"Audentes Fortuna Juvat"...:)

"Florebo quocumque ferar"... :) (I will flourish wherever I go...) 

"Ne toquès mi, je poins" / "Non inultus premor"...

"Fluctuat nec mergitur"...

Vero "Tiny-Mighty" = La Croix de Lorraine + L'Ile de la Réunion (un temps Ile Bourbons) +... New-Orléans ... ? + ... :) 

HEARTRING TRILOGY...: - "And God created BOTH Man and Woman to its Image" La Genèse


- « non-violence supposes before all that one is able to fight"  Gandhi 

- " On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur, l'essentiel est invisible des yeux" Antoine de St Exupéry

- "Disposez votre esprit à la joie et à l'amusement, cela repousse mille maux et prolonge la vie" William Shakespeare

(Frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life)

- " Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein

- " Chance is the form that God Takes to be incognito" Albert Einstein

- " Be like water, be formless, shapeless...Be fast like water and flexible...Water can flow or can crash..." Bruce Lee

- "Justice without power is useless, power without justice is only violence" Masutatsu Oyama, Kyokushinkai Karaté

- "Everytime a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women" Maya Angelou

- "Quand même...".. Sarah Bernhardt, "La Divine"

- "Be the Change you want to see in the world" Gandhi



BIO / 2022 verothomas 

Youtube channel : verothomas1 / Instagram : verotinymighty 



To vote... on this day of European elections. Recovery of a right and duty as a French citizen among other associated rights and duties which were unfairly, illegally blocked from me by an organized criminal gang.

Justice and truth will be done in due time.

Long live France, Long live the Republic...

To be continued with the elections scheduled for June 30 and July 7 following the dissolution of the national assembly decreed by the President of the French Republic MR Macron.

A reminder : the right to vote was given to French women in 1944... some rights seem still fragile we must be careful and keep righteous fights. 

Worshop training : in Rigology’ laugh yoga, and emotional intelligence

A whole day laughing with great training in rigology, laugh yoga, emotional intelligence exercices.

with Ecole du rire internationale and animator Aymeric Astier.. 

Laugh is good for health, I really recommand also those worshops and Trainings 

Today "save the date" : Art & Peace in the word - Tribute Back to the Future - Prayer for Peace...

Today “save the date”: ART & PEACE...

1) Homage “Back to the Future” one of my favorite films..

Interview "Michaël J.Fox, Ronald Reagan..." 1987

Ronald Reagan: actor and ... President ...:

also bonus : 2 great actors and final choice "art mystery" :)

2) WORLD PEACE PRAYERS... %20October%20%C3%A0%2018h00,world%20that it%20a%20d%C3%A9cr%C3%A9t%C3%A9e.

Take care of yourself...Take care. Stay safe as possible.

MyEmpathetic & creative Leader profile - and news Empathy course at the beginning of the 2024 school

With my Profile of Empathetic & Creative Leader long mocked and blocked in French recruitment - delighted with the news courses of Empathy versus school bullying planned for the start of the 2024 school year in France:

Better late than never?

NEWS France, faced with school bullying (and not only) is finally getting into the time of empathy classes for the start of the 2024 school year. In Denmark since 1993, there are 1 hour of lessons per week for 6-16 year olds. "FRI for Mobbing" method.


Articles de presse :

REALITY: with an EMPATHETIC & CREATIVE LEADER profile: harassed, mocked, discredited...

I was often harassed, mocked, even falsely cruelly called "crazy", refused on certain positions where still in 2023 "managers" think that creativity is for "crazy" or "artists" (in a contemptuous sense) while FALSE because LEADERSHIP and CREATIVITY = INNOVATION and much more. It is time for France to open up its perspectives and open up prospects to innovative, differentiated profiles, that can bring about a renewal, especially a powerful and necessary entrepreneurial one.



Leadership or primacy is political, psychological, social, etc. influence. of an individual on a group of individuals or of a group of individuals on another group. The leader has personal skills that make a difference and allow him to be listened to and followed by a group of people.


Empathy is the recognition and understanding of another individual's feelings and emotions.

In the study of interpersonal relationships, empathy is therefore different from the notions of sympathy, compassion, altruism or emotional contagion, which can be associated with it.


Creativity is, in general, the ability of an individual to imagine and implement a new concept, a new object or to discover an original solution to a problem.

It can be more precisely defined as "a psychological or psycho-sociological process by which an individual shows imagination and originality in the way he associates things, ideas, situations and, through the publicity of things, situations, and by the publicity of things".

Creativity and leadership

For contemporary American psychologist Robert Sternberg, creativity and leadership are intimately linked. On the one hand, creativity is a form of leadership, and on the other hand, one of the three components of leadership is creativity.

Creative Leadership:

Creativity is a major leadership challenge within companies.

Creative leadership is necessary for innovation and the rapid adaptation of the business to the various changes that can occur in a competitive and changing environment.

Creative leadership is therefore useful for leaders, teams, and organizations. Sylvie Labelle, aware of this fact, conducted a study on the subject.

In conclusion:

Empathy is not a weakness, it is one of our greatest assets: and for society and its future!.

Treating it as a prejudice for our organizations or our teams will ultimately lead to failure: we see this with school bullying, "gangstalking" possible at any age (which should also be condemned see my previous messages on this subject).

It's true that women generally have more empathy, but that's exactly why we need them in technology and in leadership.

To meditate on.

History, Cultures, Signs, Symbolisms: The Wolf

1) What does a wolf symbolize?
Here are some commonly shared wolf meanings for both ancient and modern cultures. You can read more details about these traits below and what they could mean in your life.
Family & Friendship

2) A Wolf Story: St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio:
"Short" version: There is a Christian story that paints a somewhat positive picture of the wolf. In the story of St. Francis and the Wolf, the town of Gubbio, Italy, is attacked by a wolf.
St. Francis of Assisi, who lives in Gubbio, goes into the hills and asks the wolf to stop harming the townspeople and their livestock. While he was very attentive to animals, St. Francis learned that wolves did not attack animals.

3) One of his messages : "Do penance for your sins, and you will be delivered from the wolf in the present, and in the future,..."

BONUS : according to cultures, as for my personality and Bday, I am-would be a FISH-DRAGO-WOLF :) what a character, isnt it "lol" ! :) 

To meditate on...

Histoire, cultures, signes, symbolismes : le Dragon

History, Cultures, Signs, Symbolisms: The Dragon
In Chinese culture, the Dragon symbolizes success and power. The Dragon was the emblem of the Chinese emperors who called themselves "sons of Dragons".

The Dragon is the fifth most important sign in the Chinese horoscope. Of Yang sensitivity, that is to say masculine, its element is Wood. Its lucky colors are white and gold.

Dragon, cultures, folkores, arts :

2024: will be a DRAGON year...

To meditate on. 

History, cultures, signs, symbolisms: the FISH

Depending on history, times, cultures, symbols can evolve and have different meanings.

The Fish...:

1) Symbol of Christianity: when, how, why: article to read

A little Greek lesson:)

I: ?ησο?ς / Iêsoûs: Jesus
Χ : Χριστoς / Khristòs : Christ
Θ : Θεο? / Theoû: of God
Υ : Υ?oς / Huiòs : Son
Σ : Σωτ?ρ / Soter : Savior

2) Astrological symbol: The sign of Pisces is considered the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. It is a mutable and feminine water sign (YIN), which is distinguished by its creative imagination, intuition, empathy, and spirituality.

3) Sacred Fish & African Cultures:

4) Fish in cultures :

Nb photo illustrator: stained glass window from Chartres.

To meditate on...

History, religions, tales, myths of the World to share, lessons: the parable of the "Good Samaritan"

History, religions, tales, myths of the World to be shared, lessons: the parable of the "Good Samaritan"

The parable features a traveler, who is attacked and left for dead by bandits.

A kohen (priest) and a Levite, both Jews, embodying the religious orthodoxy of the time, pass by him and do not bother with him, out of respect for their obligation to serve in the temple.

But a Samaritan, the representative of a population that the Jews consider to be impious, shows himself capable of compassion to the seriously wounded stranger who is not of his religion.

This Samaritan will give his time and money to save his life.

Nb in photos, a history of Art through the centuries...: stained glass window The traveller attacked by the bandits: stained glass window of the Good Samaritan in the cathedral of Chartres (thirteenth century).

To meditate on.

The All Saints' Day holidays are coming... Bilingual French-English co-creative workshops, in joy,

The All Saints' Day holidays are coming...
Bilingual French-English co-creative workshops, in joy, good humor, RESPECT...

Your choice: Arts-Education-Sport in Positive: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body! Private or group.

Theatre, improvisation, comedy, safe combat, creative writing: "story-telling" or "the hero's journey", acting-fitness, Montessori philosophical discussions...

See on the website gallery posters: ateliers-worshops VT 2023-2024 / teasers autres infos sur ma chaine youtube : verothomas1.

Infos-Contact : +33(0)7 51135562 /

Enjoy ! PEACE...

History, religions, lessons: Kings Saul and David "tyranny of comparaison, power & bad consequences"

Regardless of belief or culture, many people know KING DAVID against GOLIATH... the shepherd who will thus become KING... 

Who knows, also remembers what first confronted David and King Saul, the first "divine" choice of royalty, but who, disappointing due to lack of courage and too attached to the material in particular (...) was replaced by the shepherd with the heart Vaillant David? Which will push King Saul to pursue, unjustly, and ultimately in vain because the divine choice was made in any case, despite of their friendship : the future King David...

A story, a lesson in the tyranny of comparison and power...and "entourage"...

Some links to read...

Saul's jealousy...


David (in Hebrew: meaning “Beloved”): is also present in the Quran. He appears there under the name of Daoud, the prophet-king.

To meditate...

News: Proposal Day of prayer and fasting for Peace in the world

News: Proposal Day of prayer and fasting for Peace in the world, like the Patriarch of Israel and with respect for all beliefs.

In Paris, mass at the QUEEN Sainte CLOTHILDE Basilica .., one of the five minor basilicas of Paris3, raised to this rank by Pope Leo XIII in 1898 in commemoration of the 14th centenary of the baptism of Clovis.

Clothilde, Queen of France,

Psalm of the day 101 "They pass away, You remain"... the psalm of the "stolen-plundered ones" heard and will be restored and their descendants...

To meditate... Peace as/if possible...

The All Saints' Day holidays are coming...Bilingual French-English co-creative workshops

The All Saints' Day holidays are coming...
Bilingual French-English co-creative workshops, in joy, good humor, RESPECT...

Your choice: Arts-Education-Sport in Positive: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body! Private or group.

Theatre, improvisation, comedy, safe combat, creative writing: "story-telling" or "the hero's journey", acting-fitness, children's rights and the Republic, Montessori philosophical discussions...

See on the website gallery posters: ateliers-worshops VT 2023-2024 / teasers autres infos sur ma chaine youtube : verothomas1.

Infos-Contact : +33(0)7 51135562 /

Enjoy ! PEACE...

History, religion, Women: celebration of the mystic Saint Teresa of Avila who inspired VERLAINE,DALI

History, religion, Women: celebration of the mystic Saint Teresa of Avila who inspired VERLAINE...

Teresa of Avila (in Spanish Teresa de Ávila), The influence of her writings, testimony to her mystical experience, makes her a major figure in Christian spirituality. She is recognized as a saint and doctor of the Church by the Catholic Church.

Thérèse of Avila deeply inspired Paul Verlaine in his work of conversion, and in particular for the collection Sagesse (“O my God you have wounded me with love”). She was for him the very example of “the woman of genius” (Voyage en France par un Français).

In 1951, Salvador Dalí painted his Allegory of the Soul, the full title of which is “Alegory of the Soul after Santa Teresa de Avila - the surrealist worm metamorphoses into the mistic butterfly”.

She was appointed doctor of the University of Salamanca and has held the honorary title of mayor of Alba de Tormes since 1963. In 2012, his writings were published in the Pléiade collection.

His influence on modern philosophy (notably the famous Cartesian cogito) is now better known.

She was also persecuted by men of the Church, at the time of the unfortunately famous Dominican manual Malleus Maleficarum.

NB : Nb what is “mysticism”? depending on cultures, religions...

To meditate..."PEACE & LOVE"...

2 New creative workshops by and with Vero 2023-2024: storytelling & the journey of the hero (since7)

2 New creative workshops by and with Vero 2023-2024: storytelling translate "narrative communication" & creative writing workshop on the theme The Heroine's Journey.

1) "Storytelling" workshop: narrative communication technique (see attached poster), the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience in communication; Explanations


    Dating back to the 90s, born in the United States, the "tale of facts" method can be used by companies or public figures wishing to communicate their image, or in the context of change management, or to mobilize internally before reaching the general public. Most of the major multinationals use it, such as Coca-Cola or The Walt Disney Company, which are ranked on Interbrand's list of the world's most powerful brands.

  • 2) The Hero's Journey: whether it's the Marvel heroes or the French Little Prince, fairy tales from the whole world (a few readings on my youtube channel verothomas1) we all have our hero-heroines and we might also imagine others in our World or another... Then come to this creative writing workshop on the theme of heroin, heroin by "Tiny-Mighy" :)! : exercises, games, writing, reading, presentation &more :) 

    See you soon! To your Feathers! ENJOY!

Discovery: PARIS Town Hall and Contemporary Art “that speaks…” American Obey...

Discovery: PARIS Town Hall and Contemporary Art “that speaks…"

On the occasion of the current assessment "OBEY: knowledge+actions=power": by US Artist this mid-term for the Paris Mayer Mrs Hidalgo, great opportunity to visit and discover the PARIS town hall and the office of Mrs. Mayor Hidalgo, including this work by the American artist: Obey "knowledge + actions=power"...what power and what to do with it?... 

Noticing the same fresque near the Pompidou (ancient French President of France) center...

To meditate...

New Photo Gallery: Vero Artistic training courses France-USA in summary: my Art Oak :)

New Photo Gallery: Vero Artistic training courses France-USA in summary: enjoy!

Acting, theatre, camera, direction, improvisation, writing, fighting ... in summary and in pictures my training-trainings between France, Lorraine, Paris and Los Angeles... Edifying foundations for co-creativity:) :

From dance show to kindergarten in "Alsatian" mode:) to the katana combat character, through the methods of the Actor Studio, the classic Rabelais repertoire, creation, the camera to Florent or Pygmalion, the comedy of Scott Sedita, the work of emotions by John Sudol, the camera fight with Jan & Dan Speaker, & Art Camacho !... Gratitude!

To be continued, for the Best... and as a team here and there:)


History, religions, sharings, Feast of the GUARDIAN ANGELS

On this day are celebrated in particular the ... Angels GUARDIANS :) 2 days after the Archangels ... :)

All religions, cultures combined, we talk about the Guardian Angels, a useful and interesting link to remember and share here and there:

Happy Feast Day and may your, our Guardian Angels protect you, inspire us ...

For the Best ...!

My worshops : art, languages, sport updated :) : enjoy

My worshops updated  : see the new posters :  2023-2024 in the dedicated photos gallery..

A bilingual innovative method : 

- français FLE, French for foreigners 

- Cambridge English certificates preps & success,

- théâtre-acting "come alive!" ,

- "actingfit" (original creation ! ) :) & more...

On-demand rates, flat-rate, degressive, individual or group, courses specific pricing.

Let's level up ! Let's enjoy :) 

Best ! V 

"Dogman" : Luc Besson is back ...

“Dogman”: an explosive careful, hold on to your belts and your hearts...:

A film that shakes up contemporary times which raises many social questions... of violence, abandonment, resilience at what cost... the religious theme or "mysticism"... a lot to say... to meditate, to debate ...and an acting be continued...

The director was also available, exchange with the public...Gratitude.

A film to watch...

To see, share, meditate...

Poetry: roots, strengths and values beyond storms:... "The oak tree" by Johny RayRyder Jr

The Oak Tree

A mighty wind blew night and day.
It stole the Oak Tree’s leaves away.
Then snapped its boughs
and pulled its bark
until the Oak was tired and stark.
But still the Oak Tree held its ground
while other trees fell all around.
The weary wind gave up and spoke,
How can you still be standing Oak?”

The Oak Tree said, I know that you
can break each branch of mine in two,
carry every leaf away,
shake my limbs and make me sway.
But I have roots stretched in the earth,
growing stronger since my birth.
You’ll never touch them, for you see
they are the deepest part of me.
Until today, I wasn’t sure
of just how much I could endure.
But now I’ve found with thanks to you,
I’m stronger than I ever knew.

To meditate...

23 septembre 2023 : "Force, solidarity, Resistance" : Pope François,films "Old Oak", "Da Vinci Code"

September 23, 2023: marked by Pope Francis' visit and speech in Marseille on migrants, a film to watch on the subject of migrants inspired by real events "The old oak" by Ken Loach: "Strength, solidarity, resistance" or the first stormy encounter between Syrian migrants and towners of a former mining town in disarray. Between fears and legitimate prejudices,   In the end, suffering, common poverty will bring out an unexpected solidarity where everyone will be able to express their intelligence, their needs, their goodness in active solidarity versus ... charity (sometimes so "business charity" in our current societies with "dominant-dominated"...instead of possible winner-winner...) ; and the expression then of a "possible and healthier patriotism..."

Links :

1) Discours Pope Francis :

2) Bande-annonce : "the old oak" de Ken Loach :

3) Extrait "Da vinci code" : sur la parfois "jealousy ecclesiastic..."  Peter versus Eli about Mary Magdalene... (joins the texts and homilies discussed on this weekend of 23-24 September...)

Peter said did he prefer her ? Levi said "I see u contending against a woman like an adversary, if the savior made her worthy who are u indeed to reject her ?"

Bonus : homélie de Mgr Marsset : KTO dimanche 24/09/23 St Germain l'Auxerrois Paris

Back to school, work, hiring: reminder on the anti-discrimination law art L.1132-1 & criminal appeal

Back to school, work, hiring: reminder on the anti-discrimination law art L.1132-1 & criminal appeal

What the law provides for hiring: and possible criminal sanctions in case of discrimination:

Any employee, any candidate for a job, an internship or a period of training in a company is protected by law against discrimination in hiring and work. The Labour Code (art. L.1132-1) prohibits any distinction between employees based in particular on :

gender identity;
marital status;
genetic characteristics;
membership or non-membership, true or supposed, to an ethnic group, nation or race;
political opinions;
trade union or mutual activities;
religious beliefs;
physical appearance;
place of residence;
state of health;

Therefore, none of these grounds can be used to exclude a person from a recruitment procedure (or access to an internship or training) or to sanction, dismiss or decide on a discriminatory measure against an employee.

More info:

Possible sanctions:

1) The employer who is a natural person who has committed acts of discrimination in hiring is liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and 3 years in prison according to DGT circular No. 2012-14 of 12 November 2012.

2) Legal persons may also be held criminally liable for acts of discrimination. The penalties are provided for in article 225-4 of the Criminal Code. The penalty can reach up to € 225,000, in addition to a possible ban on practising.

Possible remedies:

1) in civil proceedings: 3 years

2) criminal (complaint police station, gendarmerie, investigating judge TGI, Public prosecutor) delay 6 years

3) seize the Defender of Rights (...).

To meditate. "Liberty Equality Justice Fraternity"...

Discovery: another destiny of Woman, the portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun:

Discovery: another destiny of Woman, the portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun:

The majority of his work, 660 out of 900 paintings, is composed of portraits.

Despite the unofficial "ban" on female artists, she painted a few paintings with a mythological theme, including her painting Peace Bringing Abundance from 1780, constituting her reception room at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, which, as part of the controversy for or against its admission, had been very severely criticized by the members of the Academy for its drawing errors and its lack of idealization. In fact, she favors color over drawing, which is considered less "masculine"... She lived and painted portraits of women in particular like Queen Marie-Antoinette in Paris, Russia, England, Switzerland ... Attached is one of his self-portraits...

Attached is one of his self-portraits...and in the 2023 gallery: one of my montage photos from Christmas 2022 :) of his self-portrait on a game "Histoire de France" and Santa coming to the rescue... of the talented especially women artists. ..? :) ..

To meditate..."Peace bringing aboundance"... 

Discovery?: a Woman Inventor of the mannequin and Wingshun method: The legend of Ng Mui :

Subject: Woman Inventor of the mannequin and Wingchun method: The legend of Ng Mui :

For this method of martial art we mainly hear about Bruce Lee, rightly for the Great Practitioner, defender of Martial Arts with Values that he was; or Shaolin monks... who has heard or would have heard of NG MUI, this female nun who would be at the origin of the creation of the training manequin and the wingchun ...?

The method one of the "ways of liberation" said and developed by Bruce LEE: the "Jeet Kune Do":

Jeet kune do is inspired mainly by wing chun, boxing and fencing, but incorporates techniques of its own. Its founder based himself on the praying mantis of the north and south, Choy Lee Fut, the Claws of the eagle, English boxing, wrestling, fencing, judo, jiujitsu and some kicks of the styles of northern and southern China; By discovering these styles, he will evolve his traditional Wing Chun practice.

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is not useful and add what is proper to you"
To meditate...

J.O. 2024; Rugby World Cup: inauguration of the Sports(wo)men's Chapel at the Madeleine Paris

O.J.2024; Rugby World Cup: inauguration of the Sports(wo)men's Chapel at the Madeleine Paris, and sanctification of the Chapel of Mary Magdalene: Women in the spotlight to inspire athletes? :) Personal & inspired sports blessing! : good omens on the move? :)

- On September 9, the inauguration and blessing of the Chapel of the Sportsmen and sportswomen present and their sports accessories took place at the Madeleine Church in Paris. The church of the Madeleine in reference to St Mary Magdalene the APOTRE of the APOTRES (who 1st witness ran to announce the good news to the other apostles... Men...) chosen as the official Church of the 2024 Olympic Games.

- Also noteworthy for the occasion is the blessing and sanctification of the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene (opposite that of the sports(wo)men) containing a relic and a magnificent canvas from Jerusalem, by Bishop Marsset auxiliary bishop of Paris. (A frank listening bishop smiling inspired for also a personal sports blessing like a sports coach!: gratitude. We need more Bishops with this kind of attitude...)

TV anecdote "Cnews"...: a journalist apparently intrigued by my sporting blessing with Bishop Marsset, approached me and questioned me. Working for CNews show "In Search of Spirit" ... He had interviewed women for cycling... obviously my profile of Women rather access martial arts-defense protection (I also played basketball and climbing younger in competition ... :) basketball and rock-climbing UNSS school and highschool teams and competitions : sport at school a MUST ! for personal development, team spirit, leadership discovery...

seeking to propose in particular via Bodykarate and my acting-fitness method defense arts more accessible to women and children: this did not seem to interest him ... Too bad...

Pour sportifs'ves en tout genre, chrétien ou non... un bel endroit plein d'inspirations...pour prier, méditer... 

"OSU"! comme on dit chez les sportifs d'arts martiaux :) et que le Meilleur(e) gagne :) ! 

- Un psaume du jour 88(89hébr.) phrase du jour "Lex per Moysen data est..."

BONUS: Idea of the day: add on the list of prophets or characters with prophetic gifts engraved in another Parisian Church (I let you guess which one... :), including David's name the one who defeated Goliath and became KING DAVID... (There are prophets and characters in other functions with a gift of prophecy...)

the name of DEBORA: rare WOMAN prophetess judge for 40 years! war counselor, wife mother... Yes already at the time a woman could have these several functions and do good to a Nation ... and thought also for the visionary, healer, diplomat of the Middle Ages: St. Hildegard of Bingen ...

Putting women back in the spotlight, at their true value... especially in the spiritual field. /


History, Religions, Common feasts: the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Eastern and Catholic churches :

History, Religions, Common feasts: the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Eastern and Catholic churches :

Celebrated on September 8, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is one of the oldest Marian feasts. It begins the great cycle of saints of the year.

This feast is celebrated on September 8 by both the Eastern and Catholic churches. The birth of Mary, like that of Saint John the Baptist, announces the arrival of Christ.

May this day be a sign of more sweetness and peace... in the World and between religions...

Psalm of the Day to meditate for who wants : 74 "It is God who will judge"...

Peace, Justice, Truth...

"Truman Show" 1998 DEAUVILLE Festival - Game of Thrones 2023 ...

"Truman Show" 1998 Deauville Festival - Game of Thrones 2023 :

In 1998, was presented at the Deauville Festival, American Film Festival (2023 edition in progress) the visionary film (?) the "Truman Show" directed by the ingenious Peter Weir (also director of the famous "The circle of missing poets") with the ingenious also Jim Carrey:

"on the air unaware" said the poster of the movie ...

To see and review especially with the technological evolutions known since, where :

cyber-surveillance, cybersecurity, cyberharassment, cyber-entertainment ...are meeting...

In this 2023 edition of the Festival to note the New Hollywood prize awarded to British actress Emilia Clarke ("because she is worth it" as they say!) for the famous series "GAME of Throne" and her role of the combative fair Queen (...)maybe an end that disappointed many to women can build empires without destroying them just for some "emotional revenge" (sorry some spoiler ...) : yes they CAN :)

To be continued...

Back to school! September 4, 2023: subject Laughing at work is good for your health and efficiency!

Back to school! September 4, 2023: subject Laughing at work is good for your health and efficiency!

See the attached diagram :) to share! Welcome back to school, with joy, good humor and efficiency.

(thank you to smti for sharing on linkedin :)

All the Best for the best of All ! 

Art & business, discussion: Possible acquisition CAA by Pinault: copy model WME? / &-or TinyMighties

Art & business, discussion: Possible acquisition CAA by Pinault: copy model WME? / and-or TinyMighties? :

1) Article: possible acquisition of the famous & mythical artistic agency CAA Creative Artists Agency (Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek...) by the French Pinault family-group:

2) This idea of Franco-American "buyout" reminds me of the "model" of WME American agency: created in 1898 and especially combining nowadays various sectors making it: the global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, forming Endeavor: a "model" for the Pïnault group? for what type of Arts?

Reminder, unfortunately, of the scandal of SM plush toys for children (...) :

3) In 2017: before the Weinstein case,

I had an idea to create a new type of "complementary" international artistic group-association, complementary to already existing models but more empathetic, effective, professionalized that can capitalize on the positive by avoiding the discriminations and violence known in the world and not only in this competitive environment of Arts:

"TinyMighties-LesPetitsPuissants": international association for personal development and artistic leadership; intergenerational and intercultural.

A few lines of the concept of then: WHO: 7 professionals and or art enthusiasts create this international association around 5 pillar disciplines: arts, education, sports, well-being, philosophy and / or spirituality

To WHOM: any public and already to artists or people wishing to develop an art and their
Leadership of any art or age to healthy and positive leaders and environments 

WHY: in a globally competitive and leadership international environment often aggressive sometimes destructive, propose new leaderships that are both powerful and positive in particular in the arts :


(...) At the time some found this project "too ambitious" "utopian"...: because I am a woman and not a billionaire (;) yet ? ... However, I had started recruiting, and already artistic professionals had wanted to believe in it while measuring the extent of this "revolutionary" idea;)by a French woman US nicknamed "Tiny-Mighty"... 

To be continued :)...A suivre :) 

Bonus: (re)watch the inspiring series: "Entourage"... inspired by one of Hollywood's best agents:

History, religion, lesson of (in)TOLERANCE: massacre of St Barthelemy-St Germain l'Auxerrois Church

History, religion & lesson of (in)TOLERANCE: the massacre of St Barthelemy-St Germain l'Auxerrois Church:

History lesson and massacres of intolerance ...

The night of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre 450 years ago ...

To meditate...

Art-History-Politics-Versailles & an "ART of PEACE"... / Queens and Women of Limited Influence
1) Art-History-Politics-Versailles & a possible "ART of PEACE"... :
Versailles, French cultural, artistic and historical heritage is being renovated.
Example of the ceilings of the Palace of Versailles with... "The Salon of Peace" ... the Peace that our World badly needs...
Let's look at the ceilings of the Palace of Versailles with the Peace Room...
For the painted decor, Louis XIV once again called on the genius of Charles Le Brun. The aim was to immortalise the benefits of peace in the cupola, as a counterpoint to the military victories illustrated in the Hall of Mirrors.
At the centre of the dome is a depiction of "Victorious France offering an olive branch to the Powers that had united against her". France is seen seated on a chariot harnessed to turtledoves (symbols of the princely marriages with Bavaria and Spain).
The arches represent the powers that are now allies: Germany, Spain and Holland. Europe is also depicted as victorious over the Turks.
?? EPV / Thomas Garnier
2) Bonus : article Le Monde Newspaper about French Queens and how they had responsabilities but not the power...old times old rules ? new times new rules for women ? who knows... 
He Who lives will see... ;)

History lesson : August 25th 1944 : Liberation of Paris after 4 years of occupation & Fête St Louis
History lesson : August 25th 1944 : Liberation of Paris after 4 years of occupation...

The liberation of Paris during World War II took place from August 19 to 25, 1944, marking the end of the Battle of Paris. This episode takes place in the context of the Liberation and puts an end to four years of occupation of the French capital.

Let us know as best as possible to learn a lesson from History, to remember the high price, the sacrifices, the blood shed for our Freedoms and to give thanks and gratitude to the Allies...ALL OF THEM : 

The BBC made public in 2009 a request from the Americans, at a time when racial segregation existed in the United States, for the French and English battalions marching during the liberation to be of "exclusively white" composition (white only) while two thirds French troops were made up of soldiers from the colonies. If all the black soldiers were replaced during the "laundering" of the Leclerc division during its formation in the summer of 1943, on the other hand, approximately 1,300 North African soldiers (i.e. nearly 10% of the workforce) were present in the division during of the liberation of Paris.

NOTA BENE USA: 2009 : Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, in function from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017 the first mixed-race man with African origins to become President of the United States. His career aroused great interest among voters and the media around the world. His presidency comes in a context of war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, crisis in the Middle East, major recession of the American economy and global financial and economic crisis. He is the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

BONUS 25 AOUT...: it is also the celebration day for KING ST LOUIS OF FRANCE... / Psalm 120 The Lord your guardian / "Beati qui audiunt verbum dei et custodiunt illud" St Luc chapt 11.


Women's choir of MERTON Oxford College in Paris: at the American Cathedral & Church St Sulpice

When ENGLAND, the USA and FRANCE are positively connected and united ...

Event on August 22 and 23, 2023, Les CHORISTES FEMININES (a 1st since 2016) of the University of MERTON of Oxford England The history of Merton | Merton College, Oxford present free admission of Sacred Songs: By Byrd, Mendelssohn, Pergolesi & Britten:

2 Privileged places:

1) American Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity American Cathedral of Paris - Wikipedia ( (22) 1886

2) St Sulpice Saint-Sulpice Catholic Church, Paris - Wikipedia (the 23rd) a church that was notably marked by Pope Leo XIII: his fight against slavery and its "social doctrine" of the (...) Social Teaching of the Catholic Church - Wikipedia ( 1870

Nota bene: in 2016, Merton College is the 1st University College to present female choristers. These 26 choristers attend a dozen different schools across Oxford and sing "Evensong" every Wednesday as well as special services, concerts. They recently recorded their album entitled "In the stillness", released at Christmas.

MERTON College celebrates its 750th anniversary, more info: The history of Merton | Merton College, Oxford. 

Merton College, the first fully self-governing College in the University, was founded in 1264 by Walter de Merton, sometime Chancellor of England and later Bishop of Rochester. Over the centuries, many eminent scholars and cultural leaders have called Merton home. They include : four Nobel Prize winners, the mathematician who solved Fermat’s Last Theorem, the physician who discovered the circulation of blood, and the founder of the Bodleian Library.

The college's preprandial grace is among the longest in Oxford and is always recited before formal dinners at Hall, usually by the principal postmaster present. The first two lines of the Latin text are based on verses 15 and 16 of Psalm 145... "Benedictus benedicat"...

Enjoy ! 

History and seal lesson: here the seal of Los Angeles, California, USA & twinned Bordeaux France...

History and seal lesson: here the seal of Los Angeles, California, USA:

The seal of Los Angeles, California. The shield is surrounded by the legal name of the city (City of Los Angeles) and its founding date (1781). It was adopted on March 27, 1905, by Ordinance 10,834


Around the brown circle, there are grapes, olives and oranges for the simple reason, that its three products are part of California's main agriculture.

In the center of this circle, there is the present of a shield divided into 4 parts:

Top left: This is the seal of the United States.

Top right: This is the California flag of 1846.

Bottom left: This is the coat of arms of Mexico (1823-1864) where the eagle symbolizes Mexican rule from 1822 to 1846.

Bottom right: This is the Spanish coat of arms of Castile and León (1785-1873) which symbolizes Spanish domination from 1542 to 1821.

To complete: the history of the flag of the State of California: Flag of Los Angeles - Wikipedia ( / The city of Los Angeles: Los Angeles - Wikipedia (

Los Angeles twinned with 25 other cities in the world and 3 partner cities ...twinned among all with the town of Bordeaux, FRANCE :)...

Enjoy :)

History and Religion Lesson: Feast Mary Queen Mother & Novena since Greco-Roman times:

History and Religion Lesson: Feast Mary Queen Mother & Novena since Greco-Roman times : 

In the Catholic calendar is this day the Feast of Mary Queen Mother

These occasions and symbolic dates of calendar are often associated with what are called "novenas" of the number 9 ... 9 days of prayers in order, here within the framework of the Catholic religion, to obtain specific graces.

Historiquement, Neuvaine — Wikipédia (

Greco-Roman origins:
We find among the ancient Romans an official nine-day religious celebration whose origin Livy reports.3 After stones fell from heaven on Mount Albain, an official sacrifice of nine days was made to appease the gods and avoid evil, whether following a warning from above or on the advice of the augurs. From that moment on, the same novena of sacrifices was made whenever a prodigy of the same kind was announced. In addition to this custom, there was also among the Greeks and Romans that of observing a nine-day mourning, with a special ceremony on the ninth day, after death or burial. All this, however, was rather a matter for private or family matters. The Romans also celebrated their parentalia novendialia, an annual novena (February 13-22) to commemorate all deceased family members. The celebration ended on the ninth day with a sacrifice and a joyful banquet. A reference to this custom can be found in the laws of Emperor Justinian, where creditors are forbidden to disturb the heirs of their debtor for nine days after his death.

To follow, to meditate, to complete according to and in the respect of the beliefs of each one.

3 White Feathers 1 The "Smile Virgin & child" statue this week : History, cultures, symbolisms

3 beautiful white feathers found on my way this week: 2 on the same day and another on this beautiful sunny Sunday.

Let's see according to cultures, beliefs and biblical scriptures what white feathers have or can symbolize.

1) in general: White is known worldwide as the symbol of purity and innocence. Finding a feather of this color indicates a blessing from the Divine and sends a message of love and inner peace.

2) in various cultures, shamanic among others: White feathers generally represent purity, innocence and inner peace. They are considered a sign of unconditional love from the divine and encourage people to find their own path to emotional healing. Also, they can be interpreted as a reminder to stay connected to the spiritual world in order to find your inner strength

3) in the Bible: The spiritual significance of feathers in the Bible is rich and varied. They are often used to symbolize love, forgiveness, protection and even redemption. In the Holy Scriptures, they can also be a source of blessing or a sign of misfortune. Whether in the Old Testament or the New Testament, feathers are associated with several important events and divine representations.

In the Old Testament, we see that God gives Noah a white feather as a sign of his divine grace after surviving the flood. The Israelites were also given white feathers to remember the covenant between them and God on Mount Sinai. As a rule, the presence of this color reminds the Hebrews that they must always respect the divine commandments in order to obtain His favor and His unconditional love.

In the New Testament, the feather symbolized Jesus' role as Savior of the world. He is the one who protects us against all moral or spiritual evil. He is the one who gave us perfect moral principles and who opened the way for us.

It's up to everyone to see according to their culture, their beliefs ... in any case it's always at least and quite simply very nice to find pretty white feathers on their way here or there :).

Once a feather, always a feather? ;) and the Writing Pen?...

BONUS: discovery this week of the magnificent statue of the VIRGIN with a SOURIRE! at the Church of St GERMAIN DES PRES: to discover!


To be continued...

August 14th : inspirations by 3 : films, photos galeries, angels, bonus : cultures, symbolism, psalm

August 14th : inspirations by 3 : films, galeries photos, angels and bonus : cultures, symbolism, psalm...

Whatever are your beliefs systems, enjoy the possible discovery and sharing ... :) 

1) Inspiring movies : 

"Bilionaire boy" (greedy money & consequences...) : 

"Dumby rich" (true story, smart money...) :

"White bird" : (kindness versus hate...)

Bonus : Pursuit of happiness (true story) :

Interview de Chris Garner :

2) Photos Galeries : 

Tim Burton times, Oxford times, Hildegarde de Bingen times & project : enjoy :)

3) Angels & numbers of the day : according to cultures, beliefs systems, it's up to you. 444 (Angels 'protection) 4 (family, solidity, reliability...) 14 (harmony, work, balance, communication, intuition...) 

Bonus : Mass anticipated Assomption of Marie (special day on August 15th) and psalm 44. "Full of  Grace..." 

Sunday news on August 6, 2023: commemoration, transfiguration, story of hope and loyalty...:

Sunday news on August 6, 2023: commemoration, transfiguration, story of hope and loyalty...:
Once is not customary on this Sunday...3 "additional" News...: an international historical commemoration which should serve as a "lesson" Hiroshima, the nuclear weapon 78 years later (...), the "transfiguration" among Christians, a story of hope & loyalty for anybody especially "the black sheeps or scapegoats"...

1) Commemoration:
78 years ago it was Hiroshima, the nuclear weapon and, from what we "know" 140,000 dead... 1 min at least of silence today for this commemoration which should make you think...

2) The Feast of the "Transfiguration" (means "transformation"(...) see post of August 5:

3) A story of hope: despite the lack of loyalty, low blows... move on! :

One day, a student placed a piece of paper on his classmate's back with the word "stupid," and asked the rest of the class not to let it show. All remained silent while laughing at each other. During math class, the teacher put a problem on the board. Only a boy managed to find the solution. 

Despite the laughter surrounding him, he walked over to the board and solved the problem without understanding why everyone was laughing. 

The teacher took out the sheet, showed it to the boy and said: "Apparently you don't know that one of your 'classmates' stuck this on your back." Know, my boy, that throughout your life people will label you. Most of them will simply be aimed at hindering your progress.  If you had known about that mocking word stuck on your back, you probably wouldn't have gotten up to solve this problem and show off your knowledge.

What you did today is exactly what you should keep doing: ignore the labels people will try to put on you and take every opportunity to learn and improve.

Turning to the other students, the teacher added: "Obviously you don't have any loyal friends in this class, otherwise I guess he would have warned you And yes, loyalty is not given to everyone??

Move on regardless of what other people think of you.

The eagle never flees the storm, it uses it to gain height! 

To meditate... Happy Sunday... 

History, Religion, culture, arts & customs : "the Transfiguration":

History, Religion, customs : today let's talk about "the Transfiguration": 

The word “transfiguration” in French comes from the Latin translation of the Greek word metamorphosis (metamorphosis). 

The religious feast of the Transfiguration is celebrated on August 6 in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox liturgical calendars. Many Protestant churches celebrate it on the last Sunday of Epiphany. The Transfiguration is an episode in the life of Jesus Christ recounted by the New Testament, in which Jesus changes his bodily appearance for a few moments of his earthly life, to reveal his divine nature to three disciples.

"He was transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with him." (...)

Various representations in the ARTS including the attached one of Giovanni Bellini, Italian painter...

Fables and lessons: the two beetles:

Fables and lessons: the two beetles :

A bull had an islet for grazing, and two cockchafers lived there on his dung. When winter came, one told the other that he intended to fly to the mainland: thus his companion, left alone, would have enough to eat, while he himself would winter in the distance. He added that if he found plenty of food there, he would bring it back. He therefore crossed over to the mainland, where he found dung as numerous as they were fresh, and settled there to feed on it. Last winter he returned to the island. Seeing him so fat and so healthy, his companion reproached him for not having brought him anything despite his promise. "It's not me who should be blamed", he replied, "but the nature of the place: this region feeds well, but does not bring in anything!".

This fable would suit anyone who limits himself to "delighting" his friends, without rendering them any other service.

To meditate.

Movie and honored fighting faithfull woman : Francesca CABRINI Saint of Immigrants (USA 1880)

Movie and honored fighting faithfull woman : Francesca CABRINI Saint of Immigrants (USA 1880)

A true woman story to share : Italian fighter nun Francesca Cabrini : 

Résumé - summary : 
Cabrini, is a biopic of the Patron Saint of Immigrants, tells a story of resilience in the face of resistance.
After an Italian nun moves to Five Points in New York City, Francesca Cabrini fights against the Archbishop, mayor, and overt xenophobia to build an orphanage for impoverished Italian-Americans.
With entrepreneurship, grit, and boldness, Cabrini creates a home full of compassion and a legacy that’s everlasting.
Bio :
Congrégation : 
Discours Pape François 2017 : 
Interview of  Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, the vicar for development in the Diocese of Brooklyn :
In 1996 : she is honored in the National Women's Hall of Fame
Enjoy. (coming to France planned in March 2024)

Fable and lesson: the man bitten by a dog

Fable and lesson: the man bitten by a dog 

Bitten by a dog, a man was looking everywhere for someone to cure him. An onlooker advised him to quench the blood with bread, then throw it at the dog that had bitten him. "But if I do that, I won't cut it," objected the injured man: "all the dogs in town are going to bite me in turn!"

This is the case with the wickedness of men: to give it a bait is to push it to unleash...

To meditate...

Fable and lesson: the rich and the mourners:

Fable and lesson: the rich and the mourners :
A rich man had two daughters. One of them being dead, he hired mourners.
"We are very unhappy", then said the other daughter to her mother:
"we who are stricken with mourning, we do not know how to deplore it, while these women, who are nothing to us, beat their breasts and lament with such intensity! "No wonder, my daughter," her mother told her, "that they utter such pitiful moans: it's because they're paid for that!"

There are people who, for the sake of gain, are not afraid to live off the misfortune of others.

A méditer...

History, Culture, Nature, Symbolism of the day: the Swallows of Happiness, Feathers of Peace Freedom

History, Culture, Nature and Symbolism of the day: the Swallows of Happiness, the Feathers of Peace & Freedom :

On this Sunday day, inspirations around the symbolism of Swallows and Feathers...

have you met, found any this day? ... :)

1) The Swallows: signs of Spring and Renewal, "LUCKY DRAWS", they also represent pure and

sincere love

The swallow is considered a totem animal associated with the symbol of love.

It is a bird that does not hesitate to help its partner in the work.

The swallow is also a bird that attaches particular importance to everything that happens in its life as a couple.

Lucky charm : The swallow symbolizes freedom, happiness, fertility, enthusiasm, luck, fidelity, loyalty,

purity and endurance...

2) Feathers: symbolism of Peace and Freedom... but also according to cultures, beliefs: justice, truth,...

"A single swallow does not make spring, a single MORAL act does not make VIRTUE" said Aristotle...

"Florebo quocumque ferar" (I will flourish wherever I go...Hommage to some of my Ancestors...) 

"Bonus of the Day" : Psalm 40 (41 Hebrews...) et 7 "the prayer for the persecuted righteous ones, and Divine Justice"...

To meditate...

Fable & lesson : le lion and the mouse : we always need someone smaller than ourselves

Fable & lessons : the lion and the mouse : 

1) By Esope :  (vers 620-564 avant J.-C.)

2) By Jean de laFontaine : (1668)

3 "lessons" : 

- we always need someone smaller than ourselves

- It takes as much as we can oblige everyone.

- Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage...

To meditate...

Fable and lesson : the boar and the fox :

Fable and lesson: the boar and the fox :

A boar was sharpening his tusks at the foot of a tree.

A fox asked him why he sharpened them like this, when neither hunter nor danger threatened.

"It's not a waste of time", answered the boar: "in case of danger,

I will not have time to sharpen them,

but then I will find them ready for use."

The fable teaches that one must take precautions before the hour of danger.

To meditate...

"Queens and others Combative Women of France" for Better Justice and Rights

"Queens and others Combative Women of France" :  a new photo gallery dedicated to all these different Women Queens or Revolutionaries, Resistants, expatriates... who loved France so much and fought for it and more Justice and Freedoms.

From Queen Clothilde Wife of King Clovis to resistance fighters in the Pantheon like Simone Veil, Josephine Baker (...) they have all fought and done their best to use their powers, talents, with their Love for France and JUSTICE, helped to more true sharing, more just laws more adapted to the times, for a Better Society, A Better France...

A photo gallery in progress is dedicated to them. To be continued.

In the respect of the beliefs of each one, one can also love and do the best for his country (or country that opens its arms to you for example of Josephine Baker) "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity": Faith, beliefs, spiritualities are not opposed to citizenship on the contrary, in the respect of each other, they are truly complementary, inspiring and helpful.

The example of a SERVANT who became a QUEEN of France and did her best to eradicate slavery : QUEEN BATHILDE : 

In addition to his policy of maintaining concord between the three kingdoms (Austrasia, Neustria, Burgundy), Marc Lefrançois, in his book Histoires insolites des Rois et Reines de France, retains from his reign his avant-garde struggle against slavery :

"Older than her husband, she has a great influence on the king, pushing him to rule the kingdom with an iron fist. Under the advice of Saint Eloi, and most certainly marked by her childhood, she will do everything for the definitive prohibition of slave markets on her lands, causing the disappearance of slavery in the Frankish kingdoms. »

"Even so"... said actress Sarah Bernhardt...

History and myth : King Arthur, Roi des Bretons...& Excalibur :

History and myth : King Arthur, Roi des Bretons...Excalibur :

Myths, propheties, sometimes political uses... :

Henry VIII used a prophecy attributed to Merlin that foretold the revenge of the Celtic peoples of Britain on the Saxons to present his father, the Welsh King Henry VII as the one who fulfilled this prophecy :and of the kings of Brittany celebrated by Geoffrey of Monmouth1. Henry VIII also relied on the legend of the kingdom of the island of Britain to proclaim the imperial and therefore independent character of Rome and the Pope of his kingdom, the Emperor Constantine being linked according to Geoffrey of Monmouth to the royal dynasty of Brittany.

Fable of Lafontaine "The hare and the tortoise : there is no point running;you have to leave on time

Fable of Jean De Lafontaine : "The hare and the tortoise" : There is no point running ; you have to leave on time..

The Hare and the Tortoise bear witness to this. Let's bet, says this one, that you will not reach As soon as me this goal. - So early ? Are you wise? Departed the light animal. Gossip, you need to purge With four seeds of hellebore. “Wise or not, I bet again. Thus was it done: and of both We put the stakes close to the goal: Knowing what, that's none of the business, Nor which judge was agreed. Our Hare had only four steps to take; I hear of those he does when ready to be reached He distances himself from the dogs, sends them back to Calendes, And makes them roam the moors. Having, I say, time to graze, To sleep, and to listen Where does the wind come from, it leaves the Turtle Go his Senator train. She leaves, she strives; She hurries slowly. He, however, despises such a victory, Hold the wager to little glory, Thinks it's about his honor To leave late. He grazes, he rests, He enjoys anything else Only at the wager. In the end when he lives That the other was almost at the end of his career, He took off like a dash; but the outbursts he made Were in vain: the Tortoise arrived first. Well ! she cried, wasn't I right?

What do you use your speed for? Me, win! and what would it be If you carried a house?

Lesson to meditate : There is no point running ; you have to leave on time...

Fable and lesson of the day : THE WOLF AND THE HERON

Fable and lesson to meditate : "THE WOLF AND THE HERON" :

A wolf, having swallowed a bone, went everywhere looking for someone to rid him of his illness. He met a heron, and asked him for a fee to remove the bone. Then the heron lowered its head down the wolf's throat, pulled out the bone, and then demanded the agreed wage. " Hey ! Friend, replied the wolf, isn't it enough for you to have pulled your head safe and sound out of the wolf's mouth, and do you still need a salary? »

This fable shows that the greatest "service" that can be expected from the recognition of the wicked is that to ingratitude they do not add injustice. (or maybe letting the wolf(ves) dealing with its(their)"ache(s)"...) 

Fable and lesson : the peasant & the eagle " the good you will do will come back to you"

Fable and lesson : the peasant & the eagle " the good you will do will come back to you" : 

A ploughman (or peasant), having found an eagle caught in the net, was so struck by its beauty that he delivered it and gave it freedom. The eagle was not ungrateful to his benefactor; but seeing him sitting at the foot of a wall that threatened ruin, he flew towards him and removed in his claws the blindfold that girded his head. The man got up and went after him. 

The eagle dropped the blindfold. The ploughman picked him up, and retracing his steps, he found the wall collapsed where he had sat, and was well astonished to be thus paid back.

Lesson proposed : "It is necessary to render the services which one has received ; for the good which you will do will be rendered to you".

 To meditate...

History, war, religions, lessons: the battle rosary distributed during the 1st World War by US army

History, war, religions, lessons: the battle rosary distributed during the 1st World War by the American army to its soldiers.
the Miraculous Medal, the Medal of St. Benedict, the Cross of Forgiveness. It is apparently the only rosary that is a source of indulgences if one embraces the Cross.
He must receive 3 Blessings.

Another history lesson during World War II was the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Let's stay safe and in Peace as possible.


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