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1.58 m
48 kg
clothing size
jacket : 8
trousers : 8
shoe size : 3 1/2

Assistant Director

"Lisa" - S. Roulleau - Lisa
"Les 7 péchés capitaux, the 7 sins" - Hocine Chabira - a sinner

Corporate Films

Sun - Florent Lacaze - a housewife


Jazz, Tap worshops, funk, rock'n roll 1 year


2018 "The Tale of Evey" - Veronique Thomas


Book training "Theatrical combat for children" in writing progress - Veronique Thomas
2015-2017 "Keys for Life" FANTASY AND FIGHT SHOW FOR CHILDREN, pre-production - Veronique Thomas


2015-2017 Webseries (4) "The Magic Quadrilogy for Tiny-Mighties", pre-production, COMEDY, EDUCATION - Veronique Thomas
2015 "The Gift of the Shadows" pre-production, FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Enochia, the Reluctant One" pre-production, ACTION, FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Heartring Trilogy, part 1-Legacy, the Original" pre-production - Veronique Thomas
2014-2015 "Hereafter Grandma" pre-production, DRAMA FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Heavenly Hell, a driving choice" to come - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "Hildegarde de Bingen"...documentary in development - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "psycho-genealogy", documentary in development - Veronique Thomas
2009-2014 Kyokushinkaï karate contests video (see youtube verothomas1) - Veronique Thomas


2015-2016 Epigenetics, in development - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "Hildegarde de Bingen" development - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "psycho-genealogy", in development - Veronique Thomas


2015-2017 "Keys for Life" FANTASY AND FIGHT SHOW FOR CHILDREN, pre-production - Veronique Thomas


2022 FLE-Creative French worshops (online or in person) 
2022 NEW BILINGUAL worshops : ActingFIT, Lets' Bdays, "Liberté égalité fraternité", ComeAlive!, Cambridge preps 
2020 NAMS coach NeuroArtMotionSystem coaching (wix/namscoach)  
2018 producer "The Tale of Evey" 
2017 "Théâtre martial et co-créatif pour petits-puissants" personal méthod bilingual worshops 
2017 CEO and Founder of "TinyMighties-LesPetitsPuissants" international association for artistic and personal development (worldwide team in progress) 
Children Coach for Theatrical Combat 
UNICEF children worshops "Dolls Frimousse" and plaidoyers  
Filming and photographs for Kyokushinkaï Karate contests (France, USA) 2009-14 
US-English private teacher (6-18 years old students, preparation to the Cambridge Children, Toefl, Toeic examinations) 
Comedia Dell'Arte Initiation (Lorraine) 
Clown initiation (paris) 
BAFA complete (bilingual internship, little childhood & vacations organisation)  
Archery initiation / Los Angeles  
Events Communication, PR Media Relations, sponsorships (Master Degree 2 and Auto-Entrepreneur)  
Art-Therapy and psychology analysis worshop initiation, France 


2018 "The Tale of Evey" - Veronique Thomas
2017 "Yubai et Vero, New Life in Paris" original webserie, cowritten with Yubai Zhang
2015-2016 "Tu veux une tartine ? you want a sandwich ? " French social satire, dev(@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2015 Webseries (4) "The Magic Quadrilogy for Tiny-Mighties", COMEDY, EDUCATION - (@SACD) Veronique Thomas
2015 "The Gift of the Shadows", FANTASY (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Enochia, the Reluctant One", ACTION, FANTASY(@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Heavenly Hell, a driving choice" (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2014 "Hereafter Grandma", DRAMA FANTASY(@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2013 "Heartring Trilogy", part I The Legacy (alternate and original versions) (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
Grand méchant loup "Wolf Teacher"(@SACD) - JM Steinfort - Selena Swan
"Lisa" - S.Roulleau - Lisa
2015-2016 "Hildegarde de Bingen"...documentary in development (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 psycho-genealogy, documentary in development (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "The white Doll", SOCIAL DRAMA, re-writing and development (@SACD) - Veronique Thomas

Short Film

2018 "The Tale of Evey" - Veronique Thomas
2015-2016 "You want a sandwich? " social satyre, in dev - Veronique Thomas
2015 "The Gift of the Shadows" pre-production, FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Enochia, the Reluctant One" pre-production, ACTION, FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2014-2015 "Hereafter Grandma" pre-production, DRAMA FANTASY - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Heartring Trilogy, part 1, Legacy, The Original One" - Veronique Thomas
2015 "Heavenly Hell, a driving choice" to come - Veronique Thomas
2013 'Heartring Trilogy" part I The Legacy alternate version - Veronique Thomas
2013 "King Lion" Los Angeles - Ben Medina - French rehearsals and translation advicer
Grand méchant loup "Wolfteacher" - JM Steinfort - Selena Swan, leading
"Monster Bash" - Jan Bryant - a fighter
"Lisa" - S.Roulleau - Lisa


C'est la guerre "It's war" (Jules Calaferte) - François Cancelli
a child/teenager facing war
Les 7 péchés capitaux "the 7 sins", original creation (co-writer Veronique Thomas) - Hocine Chabira
a sinner
Le Café des Amourettes, original creation, musical - Hocine Chabira
a lover
Le Roi Pichrochole, "King Pichrochole" (Rabelais) - Michel-Jean Thomas
King Pichrochole
L'illusion comique, "the comedy illusion" (Corneille) - Claudia Calvier-Primus, J.Kahn
L'anglais tel qu'on le parle, "English as we speak it" (Tristan Bernard) - Ms Lachmann
Eugène, leading


2023 - Cybersecurity trainings vs cyberharassment (in progress)
2019 Montessori International - Philosophy worshops for children in Montessori places, « Sophrologie, méditation, philo » Pierre Negalet
2018 - BODY KARATE Trainer, French Federation of Karate, certification
2018 - Coach in positive psychology, US PERMA Model
2018 - PSC1 new 1st aids diploma
2017 - Practioner-coach in neuro-sensoriality, neurosciences, stress and creativity management, ANS
Los Angeles - Art Camacho, combat choregrapher and director
Paris - Bernard Hiller Masterclass, "Stop acting, start living"
Paris - T.O.E.I.C. Test of English for International Communication, bilingual
Burbank, California - Academy of Theatrical Combat, Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker
Paris - online course - "Know yourself through neurosciences and quantum physics" 21 days personal development by Olivier Masselot
Los Angeles - Scott Sedita, acting studio, private coaching, one day comedy intensive
Los Angeles - John Sudol, emotional facial reactions and audition commercial technique
Los Angeles - Patrick Munoz, private coaching voice and speech
Los Angeles - Todd Rorhbacher, private coaching on-camera audition technique
Paris, La Sorbonne University - John Truby, writing Masterclass
Paris - Jack Waltzer, Actor's Studio, cold reading and scene study
Paris - Pascal-Emmanuel Studio Pygmalion, Régis Mardon
Paris - Cours Florent, stage caméra, Henry Dufresne
Nancy - Nordine Khelisi, Universitary Theatre of Nancy
Thionville - TPL Theatre of Lorraine, Ms Claudia Calvier-Primus, J.Kahn
Thionville - Théâtre de l'Araignée II, Michel-Jean Thomas and François Cancelli
Lorraine, France - Master Ingenieering of Information and Communication, Events management
France - Karate Black Belt, in progress
Lorraine - A.F.P.S., Certificate for First Aids, with the French Red Cross
France - B.A.F.A. French Certificate for animating/hosting ( bilingual internship & little childhood, vacations organisation)


Mediadub, US TV Film

References : "Ce qu'ils disent...What they say... "

aka Nicknames-surnoms "Tiny-mighty, the pretty doll, the warrior, the knight-princess, Ninijita, the wild one, intel pentium, Boucle d'Or, the Wonder Battery, the Night Butterfly, The Terminator..."
- "Bio" // verothomas (new in 2021)
- Youtube channel : verothomas1 / Instagram : verotinymighty
- N.A.M.S. Coach
- The Happy (He)Art Academy

1) In ARTS & MARTIAL ARTS : Paris-Lorraine-Los Angeles (and Teachers quotes in Highshool book pictures enjoy :)

Scott Sedita, Los Angeles 
Acting Coach, Author of The Eight Characters of Comedy
"Comedy as an art form can be tricky to master; the beats, the technique the delivery. However, comedy is a universal language and Veronique spoke it very well ! " 4 juin 2015

Art Camacho, Los Angeles
Producer/Director/Stuntman/Fight choreographer
"Veronique, is an very talented actress and fighter. She lights up the screen with her presence and performance." 10 septembre 2014
Nadine Malo, France
comédienne/chanteuse/metteur en scène at Théâtre des Dunes
"Véronique est une très bonne pédagogue, elle maîtrise son sujet et sait transmettre aux enfants les techniques de combat pour les adapter à un jeu théâtral. 
C'est une excellente comédienne et un très bon coach." 
30 septembre 2014

"One of my student, Veronique Thomas,will travel in USA and wishes to continue her kyokushin training there. She is training in ACBB Dojo since 2018 : I can only recommend her for her assiduous participation in training and her good spirit." 2010

2) UNICEF, & Children Teens multiple French and /or bilingual activities :

Elisabeth Jean, UNICEF France
Responsable Frimousses des Ecoles
"Véronique est bénévole pour l’UNICEF et fait notamment partie de l’équipe "Frimousses des écoles"depuis 2014.
Elle sait parler aux enfants, leur passer les messages importants, les intéresser et les motiver. 
Et lors des ateliers de création des poupées Frimousses, Véronique a d’excellentes relations avec les enfants et leur permet d’exprimer toute leur créativité." 16 février 2015

Bilingual Children new positive "Arts Sports Education Neurosciences" worshops 2018 & more 

"Veronique took great care of the physical and moral security and safety of the children, with will and joy, always trying to speak in English. Naturally gifted with the children, she could immediatly join the team and proposed several pertinent sportive worshops. 

Veronique is voluntary, she is dynamic and she infuses a team spirit to all the people around her. Her activities met lots of success. She really invested in the children that she had to take care of and enjoyed every moment with them. Conscientious, ponctual, and always joyful.The Garden Academy of Language & Culture, Bilingual Children Center (3-10 years old children)

"Veronique is a motivated & voluntary person who knows how to use her different aknowledges at their best for the children in order to ensure appropriate security and safety, to awaken their curiosity and drive them to funny recreational and educational activities. She knows also how to search and propose different ways to do and to explain instructions, activities or rules. In the team she is dynamic, very agreeable, multi-skills polyvalent. She has also proposed and set up different kind of activities; creative or sportive ones". Pari-Grandir, Bilingual educational & recreational Children Center Fr


3) COMMUNICATION : Information, relations publiques et presse, événementiel :

Groupe NRJ RADIO : Chérie FM Nostalgie Rires et Chansons / Nicolas Marsicano Coordinateur d'antennes et de promotion NRJ Lorraine
" Veronique a eu pour responsabilités : la promotion terrain, les relations publiques, la communication label, les partenariats, des interviews. C'est avec professionalisme, exactitude, et perspicacité qu'elle a accompli les différentes tâches demandées.
Elle nous a laissé une très bonne impression de sa capacité de s'investir.

Agence de Communication et relations presse, C.COMM, Martine CLAVEL, Lorraine
"Veronique a participé à la réalisation d'évenements culturels :
- Fantastic'arts, revue de presse (RP sur place...)
- Salon des Métiers de la Musique (RP, communiqués de presse, conférence, budget, organisation, prise en charge artistes...)
- Festival International de Musique baroque / Festival International de Chant Choral/ Festival de Jazz (organisation en amont, échanges avec USA, confirmations prestations artistes...)
Veronique a fait preuve d'une grande fiabilité et a donné toute satisfaction dans la réalisation des tâches qu'elle a eues à accomplir."

KELLY SERVICES, agence américaine d'intérim tertiaire, Sonia Touabi recrutement Paris
"Veronique est sérieuse et professionnelle, nous la déléguons en toute confiance. Elle a toujours su mener à bien ses missions et apporter satisfaction à nos clients. (postes notamment bilingues tertiaires et autre agence d'assistanat journalistes et directions : multiples demandes et adaptibilité TF1/LCI/TMC/Sports/Culture-Cinéma/Antenne Jeunesse/ Infogénés/Politique/Economie...).

Compagnie de danse et comédie musicale AMNESIA, "Les Ecus de Sobieski", Patrick CHAUVELOT Directeur Compagnie
"Concernant la création de l'opéra-rock Les Ecus de Sobieski, Veronique a eu en charge : les relations presse / relations publiques, sponsoring, partenariats, plan de com (ex sortie promo du CD 2 titres conception à diffusion), analyse marketing.
Elle s'est acquittée de ces missions avec professionalisme. C'est une personne qui a des initiatives personnelles, elle est travailleuse et motivée.
De nature conviviale, et d'une excellente présentation, elle est tout particulièrement adaptée à un travail de relation avec la presse, les entreprises, et les diverses collectivités territoriales. Tant de raisons qui font de cette lettre de recommandation un réel plaisir. "

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