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Poetry: roots, strengths and values beyond storms:... "The oak tree" by Johny RayRyder Jr
The Oak Tree

A mighty wind blew night and day.
It stole the Oak Tree’s leaves away.
Then snapped its boughs
and pulled its bark
until the Oak was tired and stark.
But still the Oak Tree held its ground
while other trees fell all around.
The weary wind gave up and spoke,
How can you still be standing Oak?”

The Oak Tree said, I know that you
can break each branch of mine in two,
carry every leaf away,
shake my limbs and make me sway.
But I have roots stretched in the earth,
growing stronger since my birth.
You’ll never touch them, for you see
they are the deepest part of me.
Until today, I wasn’t sure
of just how much I could endure.
But now I’ve found with thanks to you,
I’m stronger than I ever knew.

To meditate...

23 septembre 2023 : "Force, solidarity, Resistance" : Pope François,films "Old Oak", "Da Vinci Code"
September 23, 2023: marked by Pope Francis' visit and speech in Marseille on migrants, a film to watch on the subject of migrants inspired by real events "The old oak" by Ken Loach: "Strength, solidarity, resistance" or the first stormy encounter between Syrian migrants and towners of a former mining town in disarray. Between fears and legitimate prejudices,   In the end, suffering, common poverty will bring out an unexpected solidarity where everyone will be able to express their intelligence, their needs, their goodness in active solidarity versus ... charity (sometimes so "business charity" in our current societies with "dominant-dominated"...instead of possible winner-winner...) ; and the expression then of a "possible and healthier patriotism..."

Links :

1) Discours Pope Francis :

2) Bande-annonce : "the old oak" de Ken Loach :

3) Extrait "Da vinci code" : sur la parfois "jealousy ecclesiastic..."  Peter versus Eli about Mary Magdalene... (joins the texts and homilies discussed on this weekend of 23-24 September...)

Peter said did he prefer her ? Levi said "I see u contending against a woman like an adversary, if the savior made her worthy who are u indeed to reject her ?"

Bonus : homélie de Mgr Marsset : KTO dimanche 24/09/23 St Germain l'Auxerrois Paris

Visit of the Pope Francis in France: Gad Elmaleh, 70,000 ostia, portrait of Cardinal Aveline :
Visit of the Pope in France: Gad Elmaleh, 70,000 ostia, portrait of Cardinal Aveline:

Links: to read, think about, questionning, meditate... :

1) The planned figures: 70,000 osties, 140 bishops, 700 priests... on the complicated subject of "migrants" ...

2)French actor : Gad Elmaleh... :

3) Portrait of Cardinal Aveline Marseille: having "made" the Pope come to Marseille:

WHEN WILL POPE FRANCIS IN THE DIOCESE OF PARIS who needs it ...some shoulder necessary straps...less "charity business" ...

Back to school, work, hiring: reminder on the anti-discrimination law art L.1132-1 & criminal appeal
Back to school, work, hiring: reminder on the anti-discrimination law art L.1132-1 & criminal appeal

What the law provides for hiring: and possible criminal sanctions in case of discrimination:

Any employee, any candidate for a job, an internship or a period of training in a company is protected by law against discrimination in hiring and work. The Labour Code (art. L.1132-1) prohibits any distinction between employees based in particular on :

gender identity;
marital status;
genetic characteristics;
membership or non-membership, true or supposed, to an ethnic group, nation or race;
political opinions;
trade union or mutual activities;
religious beliefs;
physical appearance;
place of residence;
state of health;

Therefore, none of these grounds can be used to exclude a person from a recruitment procedure (or access to an internship or training) or to sanction, dismiss or decide on a discriminatory measure against an employee.

More info:

Possible sanctions:

1) The employer who is a natural person who has committed acts of discrimination in hiring is liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and 3 years in prison according to DGT circular No. 2012-14 of 12 November 2012.

2) Legal persons may also be held criminally liable for acts of discrimination. The penalties are provided for in article 225-4 of the Criminal Code. The penalty can reach up to € 225,000, in addition to a possible ban on practising.

Possible remedies:

1) in civil proceedings: 3 years

2) criminal (complaint police station, gendarmerie, investigating judge TGI, Public prosecutor) delay 6 years

3) seize the Defender of Rights (...).

To meditate. "Liberty Equality Justice Fraternity"...

Social & Environmental Biennial 2023, exhibition on Madagascar, Sept14-Oct15 + Book Martin WOLF
1) As part of the Social & Environmental Biennial 2023, a beautiful exhibition on Madagascar, free admission, Place du Palais du Louvre.

Theme "Red Island, overexposed to climate challenges".

With the family who lived there, it is with a certain joy and emotion that I admired the exhibition and of course ask myself many social, environmental, economic questions, in these countries but also in France ...

2) with, also, the discovery and reflections around the book "the crisis of democratic capitalism" by Martin Wolf (Financial Times...).

Below are links and map of the PARIS route for this Biennale and other information and exhibitions:

Bonus: attached photo quote "14" book by Richard Bach. 

2023: Discovery of a Coke bottle DESIGNEE Jean-Paul Gaulthier : french-US smart partnerships
2023: Discovery of a Coke bottle DESIGNEE Jean-Paul Gaulthier and BARBIE! Amazing!

but also APPLE & HERMES ...:

Franco-American co-creativity smart partnerships for and at all ages...

Idea of a photo gallery highlighting, highlighting positive constructive collaborations co-creative of FRANCO-AMERICAN know-how! and their inspirations (cf creation of Coca-Cola 1886, Breizh Cola France 2002: knowing how to give back to Caesar what is Caesar's:) ingenious collaboration Coca_Créateurs fashion; Apple and Hermès...; the operation of Creators' Dolls with Unicef...).

Photos to enjoy:) Meditate, and co-create! :

1) Coca-Cola and bottles by French designers such as Gaulthier, Chantal Thomass, Karl Lagerfield, Moshino, Sonia Rykiel, David Guetta, Justice...

2) Nearest CINEMA: BARBIE !!

3) Apple Watch & HERMES...

4) "Similar" idea with Unicef and Creators' Dolls...,16726.html


To be continued... 

Tribute to the victims and rescuers of September 11, 2001 NY USA attacks..Peace & Love...
Tribute to the victims and rescuers of September 11, 2001 NY USA attacks...: "never forget..."

A historic fateful date that we cannot forget that shook the whole world and especially the United States... The attacks of September 11, 2001... Tributes paid to the USA, in France... A touching film was made inspired by the events "Remember me" (Live in the moment...) with actor Robert Pattison:

Articles in France :

1) Le Monde :

2) Touching and symbolic initiative of 14 French firefighters: in training in Seclin in the North have climbed 5 times a tower of Lille 110 meters high to pay tribute to their American colleagues who disappeared on September 11, 2001 in New York...

My best friendly Thoughts to all my US friends, American contacts and their entourage(s)...

PEACE & LOVE to All the SOULS touched that day...

"Never forget..."

Discovery: another destiny of Woman, the portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun:

Discovery: another destiny of Woman, the portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun:

The majority of his work, 660 out of 900 paintings, is composed of portraits.

Despite the unofficial "ban" on female artists, she painted a few paintings with a mythological theme, including her painting Peace Bringing Abundance from 1780, constituting her reception room at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, which, as part of the controversy for or against its admission, had been very severely criticized by the members of the Academy for its drawing errors and its lack of idealization. In fact, she favors color over drawing, which is considered less "masculine"... She lived and painted portraits of women in particular like Queen Marie-Antoinette in Paris, Russia, England, Switzerland ... Attached is one of his self-portraits...

Attached is one of his self-portraits...and in the 2023 gallery: one of my montage photos from Christmas 2022 :) of his self-portrait on a game "Histoire de France" and Santa coming to the rescue... of the talented especially women artists. ..? :) ..

To meditate..."Peace bringing aboundance"... 

Discovery?: a Woman Inventor of the mannequin and Wingshun method: The legend of Ng Mui :
Subject: Woman Inventor of the mannequin and Wingchun method: The legend of Ng Mui :

For this method of martial art we mainly hear about Bruce Lee, rightly for the Great Practitioner, defender of Martial Arts with Values that he was; or Shaolin monks... who has heard or would have heard of NG MUI, this female nun who would be at the origin of the creation of the training manequin and the wingchun ...?

The method one of the "ways of liberation" said and developed by Bruce LEE: the "Jeet Kune Do":

Jeet kune do is inspired mainly by wing chun, boxing and fencing, but incorporates techniques of its own. Its founder based himself on the praying mantis of the north and south, Choy Lee Fut, the Claws of the eagle, English boxing, wrestling, fencing, judo, jiujitsu and some kicks of the styles of northern and southern China; By discovering these styles, he will evolve his traditional Wing Chun practice.

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is not useful and add what is proper to you"
To meditate...

J.O. 2024; Rugby World Cup: inauguration of the Sports(wo)men's Chapel at the Madeleine Paris
O.J.2024; Rugby World Cup: inauguration of the Sports(wo)men's Chapel at the Madeleine Paris, and sanctification of the Chapel of Mary Magdalene: Women in the spotlight to inspire athletes? :) Personal & inspired sports blessing! : good omens on the move? :)

- On September 9, the inauguration and blessing of the Chapel of the Sportsmen and sportswomen present and their sports accessories took place at the Madeleine Church in Paris. The church of the Madeleine in reference to St Mary Magdalene the APOTRE of the APOTRES (who 1st witness ran to announce the good news to the other apostles... Men...) chosen as the official Church of the 2024 Olympic Games.

- Also noteworthy for the occasion is the blessing and sanctification of the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene (opposite that of the sports(wo)men) containing a relic and a magnificent canvas from Jerusalem, by Bishop Marsset auxiliary bishop of Paris. (A frank listening bishop smiling inspired for also a personal sports blessing like a sports coach!: gratitude. We need more Bishops with this kind of attitude...)

TV anecdote "Cnews"...: a journalist apparently intrigued by my sporting blessing with Bishop Marsset, approached me and questioned me. Working for CNews show "In Search of Spirit" ... He had interviewed women for cycling... obviously my profile of Women rather access martial arts-defense protection (I also played basketball and climbing younger in competition ... :) basketball and rock-climbing UNSS school and highschool teams and competitions : sport at school a MUST ! for personal development, team spirit, leadership discovery...

seeking to propose in particular via Bodykarate and my acting-fitness method defense arts more accessible to women and children: this did not seem to interest him ... Too bad...

Pour sportifs'ves en tout genre, chrétien ou non... un bel endroit plein d'inspirations...pour prier, méditer... 

"OSU"! comme on dit chez les sportifs d'arts martiaux :) et que le Meilleur(e) gagne :) ! 

- Un psaume du jour 88(89hébr.) phrase du jour "Lex per Moysen data est..."

BONUS: Idea of the day: add on the list of prophets or characters with prophetic gifts engraved in another Parisian Church (I let you guess which one... :), including David's name the one who defeated Goliath and became KING DAVID... (There are prophets and characters in other functions with a gift of prophecy...)

the name of DEBORA: rare WOMAN prophetess judge for 40 years! war counselor, wife mother... Yes already at the time a woman could have these several functions and do good to a Nation ... and thought also for the visionary, healer, diplomat of the Middle Ages: St. Hildegard of Bingen ...

Putting women back in the spotlight, at their true value... especially in the spiritual field. /


History, Religions, Common feasts: the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Eastern and Catholic churches :
History, Religions, Common feasts: the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Eastern and Catholic churches :

Celebrated on September 8, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is one of the oldest Marian feasts. It begins the great cycle of saints of the year.

This feast is celebrated on September 8 by both the Eastern and Catholic churches. The birth of Mary, like that of Saint John the Baptist, announces the arrival of Christ.

May this day be a sign of more sweetness and peace... in the World and between religions...

Psalm of the Day to meditate for who wants : 74 "It is God who will judge"...

Peace, Justice, Truth...

"Truman Show" 1998 DEAUVILLE Festival - Game of Thrones 2023 ...
"Truman Show" 1998 Deauville Festival - Game of Thrones 2023 :

In 1998, was presented at the Deauville Festival, American Film Festival (2023 edition in progress) the visionary film (?) the "Truman Show" directed by the ingenious Peter Weir (also director of the famous "The circle of missing poets") with the ingenious also Jim Carrey:

"on the air unaware" said the poster of the movie ...

To see and review especially with the technological evolutions known since, where :

cyber-surveillance, cybersecurity, cyberharassment, cyber-entertainment ...are meeting...

In this 2023 edition of the Festival to note the New Hollywood prize awarded to British actress Emilia Clarke ("because she is worth it" as they say!) for the famous series "GAME of Throne" and her role of the combative fair Queen (...)maybe an end that disappointed many to women can build empires without destroying them just for some "emotional revenge" (sorry some spoiler ...) : yes they CAN :)

To be continued...

Back to school! September 4, 2023: subject Laughing at work is good for your health and efficiency!

Back to school! September 4, 2023: subject Laughing at work is good for your health and efficiency!

See the attached diagram :) to share! Welcome back to school, with joy, good humor and efficiency.

(thank you to smti for sharing on linkedin :)

All the Best for the best of All ! 

Art & business, discussion: Possible acquisition CAA by Pinault: copy model WME? / &-or TinyMighties
Art & business, discussion: Possible acquisition CAA by Pinault: copy model WME? / and-or TinyMighties? :

1) Article: possible acquisition of the famous & mythical artistic agency CAA Creative Artists Agency (Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek...) by the French Pinault family-group:

2) This idea of Franco-American "buyout" reminds me of the "model" of WME American agency: created in 1898 and especially combining nowadays various sectors making it: the global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, forming Endeavor: a "model" for the Pïnault group? for what type of Arts?

Reminder, unfortunately, of the scandal of SM plush toys for children (...) :

3) In 2017: before the Weinstein case,

I had an idea to create a new type of "complementary" international artistic group-association, complementary to already existing models but more empathetic, effective, professionalized that can capitalize on the positive by avoiding the discriminations and violence known in the world and not only in this competitive environment of Arts:

"TinyMighties-LesPetitsPuissants": international association for personal development and artistic leadership; intergenerational and intercultural.

A few lines of the concept of then: WHO: 7 professionals and or art enthusiasts create this international association around 5 pillar disciplines: arts, education, sports, well-being, philosophy and / or spirituality

To WHOM: any public and already to artists or people wishing to develop an art and their
Leadership of any art or age to healthy and positive leaders and environments 

WHY: in a globally competitive and leadership international environment often aggressive sometimes destructive, propose new leaderships that are both powerful and positive in particular in the arts :


(...) At the time some found this project "too ambitious" "utopian"...: because I am a woman and not a billionaire (;) yet ? ... However, I had started recruiting, and already artistic professionals had wanted to believe in it while measuring the extent of this "revolutionary" idea;)by a French woman US nicknamed "Tiny-Mighty"... 

To be continued :)...A suivre :) 

Bonus: (re)watch the inspiring series: "Entourage"... inspired by one of Hollywood's best agents:

History, religion, lesson of (in)TOLERANCE: massacre of St Barthelemy-St Germain l'Auxerrois Church
History, religion & lesson of (in)TOLERANCE: the massacre of St Barthelemy-St Germain l'Auxerrois Church:

History lesson and massacres of intolerance ...

The night of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre 450 years ago ...

To meditate...

September 1, 2023: Women : new photos galery : called efforts during Wars and Beyond ?...
September 1, 2023: Women and the War and Beyond ?... Efforts photo gallery and history: JUSTICE for all:
Idea of a new gallery to pay tribute to the Women who have helped, help their countries in times of war. Often even exhorted with more or less just patriotism (...) on the tars they replace men in the fields, factories ...often with courage, love successes... 

What's next? and after many battles and often ingratitudes unfortunately. The facts are there.

It is therefore good to remember to remind all those men who want to make wars the price it has already cost in the past and how after having appealed to women you, often, then mistreat them (just like other "minorities" who were for example prevented from marching after the Liberation of the France in 1944 ...).

Liberation that was possible thanks to multiple efforts (French, American, English, Russian, Algerian, African... MEN AND! WOMEN!) and yet... almost no line almost no mention in the French media ...?!

Droits des femmes :

And see photo gallery. Illustration also attached from 1914 on the appeal of the Republic to Women ... Ok and what's next?

To meditate...

Art-History-Politics-Versailles & an "ART of PEACE"... / Queens and Women of Limited Influence
1) Art-History-Politics-Versailles & a possible "ART of PEACE"... :
Versailles, French cultural, artistic and historical heritage is being renovated.
Example of the ceilings of the Palace of Versailles with... "The Salon of Peace" ... the Peace that our World badly needs...
Let's look at the ceilings of the Palace of Versailles with the Peace Room...
For the painted decor, Louis XIV once again called on the genius of Charles Le Brun. The aim was to immortalise the benefits of peace in the cupola, as a counterpoint to the military victories illustrated in the Hall of Mirrors.
At the centre of the dome is a depiction of "Victorious France offering an olive branch to the Powers that had united against her". France is seen seated on a chariot harnessed to turtledoves (symbols of the princely marriages with Bavaria and Spain).
The arches represent the powers that are now allies: Germany, Spain and Holland. Europe is also depicted as victorious over the Turks.
?? EPV / Thomas Garnier
2) Bonus : article Le Monde Newspaper about French Queens and how they had responsabilities but not the power...old times old rules ? new times new rules for women ? who knows... 
He Who lives will see... ;)

History lesson : August 25th 1944 : Liberation of Paris after 4 years of occupation & Fête St Louis
History lesson : August 25th 1944 : Liberation of Paris after 4 years of occupation...

The liberation of Paris during World War II took place from August 19 to 25, 1944, marking the end of the Battle of Paris. This episode takes place in the context of the Liberation and puts an end to four years of occupation of the French capital.

Let us know as best as possible to learn a lesson from History, to remember the high price, the sacrifices, the blood shed for our Freedoms and to give thanks and gratitude to the Allies...ALL OF THEM : 

The BBC made public in 2009 a request from the Americans, at a time when racial segregation existed in the United States, for the French and English battalions marching during the liberation to be of "exclusively white" composition (white only) while two thirds French troops were made up of soldiers from the colonies. If all the black soldiers were replaced during the "laundering" of the Leclerc division during its formation in the summer of 1943, on the other hand, approximately 1,300 North African soldiers (i.e. nearly 10% of the workforce) were present in the division during of the liberation of Paris.

NOTA BENE USA: 2009 : Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, in function from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017 the first mixed-race man with African origins to become President of the United States. His career aroused great interest among voters and the media around the world. His presidency comes in a context of war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, crisis in the Middle East, major recession of the American economy and global financial and economic crisis. He is the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

BONUS 25 AOUT...: it is also the celebration day for KING ST LOUIS OF FRANCE... / Psalm 120 The Lord your guardian / "Beati qui audiunt verbum dei et custodiunt illud" St Luc chapt 11.


Women's choir of MERTON Oxford College in Paris: at the American Cathedral & Church St Sulpice
When ENGLAND, the USA and FRANCE are positively connected and united ...

Event on August 22 and 23, 2023, Les CHORISTES FEMININES (a 1st since 2016) of the University of MERTON of Oxford England The history of Merton | Merton College, Oxford present free admission of Sacred Songs: By Byrd, Mendelssohn, Pergolesi & Britten:

2 Privileged places:

1) American Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity American Cathedral of Paris - Wikipedia ( (22) 1886

2) St Sulpice Saint-Sulpice Catholic Church, Paris - Wikipedia (the 23rd) a church that was notably marked by Pope Leo XIII: his fight against slavery and its "social doctrine" of the (...) Social Teaching of the Catholic Church - Wikipedia ( 1870

Nota bene: in 2016, Merton College is the 1st University College to present female choristers. These 26 choristers attend a dozen different schools across Oxford and sing "Evensong" every Wednesday as well as special services, concerts. They recently recorded their album entitled "In the stillness", released at Christmas.

MERTON College celebrates its 750th anniversary, more info: The history of Merton | Merton College, Oxford. 

Merton College, the first fully self-governing College in the University, was founded in 1264 by Walter de Merton, sometime Chancellor of England and later Bishop of Rochester. Over the centuries, many eminent scholars and cultural leaders have called Merton home. They include : four Nobel Prize winners, the mathematician who solved Fermat’s Last Theorem, the physician who discovered the circulation of blood, and the founder of the Bodleian Library.

The college's preprandial grace is among the longest in Oxford and is always recited before formal dinners at Hall, usually by the principal postmaster present. The first two lines of the Latin text are based on verses 15 and 16 of Psalm 145... "Benedictus benedicat"...

Enjoy ! 

Lesson in History, Archaeology, Religion: discovery of 1945: the "Codex of the Savior"
Lesson in History, Archaeology, Religion: discovery of 1945: the "Codex of the Savior":

When Indiana Jones gets involved! "lol":

Dialogue of the Savior - Wikipedia (

The Dialogue of the Savior is an apocryphal Christian writing tinged with Gnosticism that dates back to the late third or early fourth century. It appears in Part V of Codex III of Nag Hammadi. Written in Coptic, probably on the basis of a Greek original, the document is part of the widespread literary genre of "revelation dialogues". 

The only document of Nag Hammadi to be called "Dialogue", this text was unknown before its discovery in 1945, and there is no mention of it in the various Christian literatures, both orthodox and heterodox. 

The doctrine of which he carries is closer to the Hermetic traditions and logia ("words") of Jesus as presented in the Gospel according to Thomas, than to the canonical accounts of the New Testament, or even to Source Q. 

Bonus movies : "Stigmata" 1999 Stigmata (film, 1999) — Wikipédia ( "Da Vinci code" 2006... : Da Vinci Code (film) — Wikipédia ( "the Name of The Rose" Le Nom de la rose (film) — Wikipédia ( L'exorciste du Vatican L'Exorciste du Vatican — Wikipédia ( 2023...

To meditate, according to and with respect for everyone's beliefs...

History and seal lesson: here the seal of Los Angeles, California, USA & twinned Bordeaux France...
History and seal lesson: here the seal of Los Angeles, California, USA:

The seal of Los Angeles, California. The shield is surrounded by the legal name of the city (City of Los Angeles) and its founding date (1781). It was adopted on March 27, 1905, by Ordinance 10,834


Around the brown circle, there are grapes, olives and oranges for the simple reason, that its three products are part of California's main agriculture.

In the center of this circle, there is the present of a shield divided into 4 parts:

Top left: This is the seal of the United States.

Top right: This is the California flag of 1846.

Bottom left: This is the coat of arms of Mexico (1823-1864) where the eagle symbolizes Mexican rule from 1822 to 1846.

Bottom right: This is the Spanish coat of arms of Castile and León (1785-1873) which symbolizes Spanish domination from 1542 to 1821.

To complete: the history of the flag of the State of California: Flag of Los Angeles - Wikipedia ( / The city of Los Angeles: Los Angeles - Wikipedia (

Los Angeles twinned with 25 other cities in the world and 3 partner cities ...twinned among all with the town of Bordeaux, FRANCE :)...

Enjoy :)

History and Religion Lesson: Feast Mary Queen Mother & Novena since Greco-Roman times:
History and Religion Lesson: Feast Mary Queen Mother & Novena since Greco-Roman times : 

In the Catholic calendar is this day the Feast of Mary Queen Mother

These occasions and symbolic dates of calendar are often associated with what are called "novenas" of the number 9 ... 9 days of prayers in order, here within the framework of the Catholic religion, to obtain specific graces.

Historiquement, Neuvaine — Wikipédia (

Greco-Roman origins:
We find among the ancient Romans an official nine-day religious celebration whose origin Livy reports.3 After stones fell from heaven on Mount Albain, an official sacrifice of nine days was made to appease the gods and avoid evil, whether following a warning from above or on the advice of the augurs. From that moment on, the same novena of sacrifices was made whenever a prodigy of the same kind was announced. In addition to this custom, there was also among the Greeks and Romans that of observing a nine-day mourning, with a special ceremony on the ninth day, after death or burial. All this, however, was rather a matter for private or family matters. The Romans also celebrated their parentalia novendialia, an annual novena (February 13-22) to commemorate all deceased family members. The celebration ended on the ninth day with a sacrifice and a joyful banquet. A reference to this custom can be found in the laws of Emperor Justinian, where creditors are forbidden to disturb the heirs of their debtor for nine days after his death.

To follow, to meditate, to complete according to and in the respect of the beliefs of each one.

3 White Feathers 1 The "Smile Virgin & child" statue this week : History, cultures, symbolisms
3 beautiful white feathers found on my way this week: 2 on the same day and another on this beautiful sunny Sunday.

Let's see according to cultures, beliefs and biblical scriptures what white feathers have or can symbolize.

1) in general: White is known worldwide as the symbol of purity and innocence. Finding a feather of this color indicates a blessing from the Divine and sends a message of love and inner peace.

2) in various cultures, shamanic among others: White feathers generally represent purity, innocence and inner peace. They are considered a sign of unconditional love from the divine and encourage people to find their own path to emotional healing. Also, they can be interpreted as a reminder to stay connected to the spiritual world in order to find your inner strength

3) in the Bible: The spiritual significance of feathers in the Bible is rich and varied. They are often used to symbolize love, forgiveness, protection and even redemption. In the Holy Scriptures, they can also be a source of blessing or a sign of misfortune. Whether in the Old Testament or the New Testament, feathers are associated with several important events and divine representations.

In the Old Testament, we see that God gives Noah a white feather as a sign of his divine grace after surviving the flood. The Israelites were also given white feathers to remember the covenant between them and God on Mount Sinai. As a rule, the presence of this color reminds the Hebrews that they must always respect the divine commandments in order to obtain His favor and His unconditional love.

In the New Testament, the feather symbolized Jesus' role as Savior of the world. He is the one who protects us against all moral or spiritual evil. He is the one who gave us perfect moral principles and who opened the way for us.

It's up to everyone to see according to their culture, their beliefs ... in any case it's always at least and quite simply very nice to find pretty white feathers on their way here or there :).

Once a feather, always a feather? ;) and the Writing Pen?...

BONUS: discovery this week of the magnificent statue of the VIRGIN with a SOURIRE! at the Church of St GERMAIN DES PRES: to discover!


To be continued...

Meeting of the day : "Gazette de Paris" newspaper & Notre-Dame de Paris: History, religion...
Unexpected Interesting Meeting of the day :) The "Gazette of Paris" newspaper & Notre-Dame de Paris & "Tiny-Mighty" (just a nickname :) not pride :) : History, religion Lessons...

The Gazette is a periodical created in 1631 with the support of Richelieu by Théophraste Renaudot, physician to Louis XIII. Disappeared in 1915, it was one of the oldest newspapers published in France. Its ancestor is the Mercure françois which appeared from 1611 to 1648.

La Gazette (France) — Wikipédia (

Attached illustration 2023 :) with a piece of HUMOR and creativity, not only Notre-Dame de Paris but also the Arc de Triomphe above the title ...Facing Notre-Dame de Paris in the respect too on this day of the Feast of the Assumption, Notre-Dame de Paris which should reopen its doors in December 2024...

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris — Wikipédia (

To be continued ...

August 14th : inspirations by 3 : films, photos galeries, angels, bonus : cultures, symbolism, psalm
August 14th : inspirations by 3 : films, galeries photos, angels and bonus : cultures, symbolism, psalm...

Whatever are your beliefs systems, enjoy the possible discovery and sharing ... :) 

1) Inspiring movies : 

"Bilionaire boy" (greedy money & consequences...) : 

"Dumby rich" (true story, smart money...) :

"White bird" : (kindness versus hate...)

Bonus : Pursuit of happiness (true story) :

Interview de Chris Garner :

2) Photos Galeries : 

Tim Burton times, Oxford times, Hildegarde de Bingen times & project : enjoy :)

3) Angels & numbers of the day : according to cultures, beliefs systems, it's up to you. 444 (Angels 'protection) 4 (family, solidity, reliability...) 14 (harmony, work, balance, communication, intuition...) 

Bonus : Mass anticipated Assomption of Marie (special day on August 15th) and psalm 44. "Full of  Grace..." 

Sunday news on August 6, 2023: commemoration, transfiguration, story of hope and loyalty...:
Sunday news on August 6, 2023: commemoration, transfiguration, story of hope and loyalty...:
Once is not customary on this Sunday...3 "additional" News...: an international historical commemoration which should serve as a "lesson" Hiroshima, the nuclear weapon 78 years later (...), the "transfiguration" among Christians, a story of hope & loyalty for anybody especially "the black sheeps or scapegoats"...

1) Commemoration:
78 years ago it was Hiroshima, the nuclear weapon and, from what we "know" 140,000 dead... 1 min at least of silence today for this commemoration which should make you think...

2) The Feast of the "Transfiguration" (means "transformation"(...) see post of August 5:

3) A story of hope: despite the lack of loyalty, low blows... move on! :

One day, a student placed a piece of paper on his classmate's back with the word "stupid," and asked the rest of the class not to let it show. All remained silent while laughing at each other. During math class, the teacher put a problem on the board. Only a boy managed to find the solution. 

Despite the laughter surrounding him, he walked over to the board and solved the problem without understanding why everyone was laughing. 

The teacher took out the sheet, showed it to the boy and said: "Apparently you don't know that one of your 'classmates' stuck this on your back." Know, my boy, that throughout your life people will label you. Most of them will simply be aimed at hindering your progress.  If you had known about that mocking word stuck on your back, you probably wouldn't have gotten up to solve this problem and show off your knowledge.

What you did today is exactly what you should keep doing: ignore the labels people will try to put on you and take every opportunity to learn and improve.

Turning to the other students, the teacher added: "Obviously you don't have any loyal friends in this class, otherwise I guess he would have warned you And yes, loyalty is not given to everyone??

Move on regardless of what other people think of you.

The eagle never flees the storm, it uses it to gain height! 

To meditate... Happy Sunday... 

History, Religion, culture, arts & customs : "the Transfiguration":
History, Religion, customs : today let's talk about "the Transfiguration": 

The word “transfiguration” in French comes from the Latin translation of the Greek word metamorphosis (metamorphosis). 

The religious feast of the Transfiguration is celebrated on August 6 in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox liturgical calendars. Many Protestant churches celebrate it on the last Sunday of Epiphany. The Transfiguration is an episode in the life of Jesus Christ recounted by the New Testament, in which Jesus changes his bodily appearance for a few moments of his earthly life, to reveal his divine nature to three disciples.

"He was transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with him." (...)

Various representations in the ARTS including the attached one of Giovanni Bellini, Italian painter...

Fables and lessons: the two beetles:
Fables and lessons: the two beetles :

A bull had an islet for grazing, and two cockchafers lived there on his dung. When winter came, one told the other that he intended to fly to the mainland: thus his companion, left alone, would have enough to eat, while he himself would winter in the distance. He added that if he found plenty of food there, he would bring it back. He therefore crossed over to the mainland, where he found dung as numerous as they were fresh, and settled there to feed on it. Last winter he returned to the island. Seeing him so fat and so healthy, his companion reproached him for not having brought him anything despite his promise. "It's not me who should be blamed", he replied, "but the nature of the place: this region feeds well, but does not bring in anything!".

This fable would suit anyone who limits himself to "delighting" his friends, without rendering them any other service.

To meditate.

Movie and honored fighting faithfull woman : Francesca CABRINI Saint of Immigrants (USA 1880)
Movie and honored fighting faithfull woman : Francesca CABRINI Saint of Immigrants (USA 1880)
A true woman story to share : Italian fighter nun Francesca Cabrini : 

Résumé - summary : 
Cabrini, is a biopic of the Patron Saint of Immigrants, tells a story of resilience in the face of resistance.
After an Italian nun moves to Five Points in New York City, Francesca Cabrini fights against the Archbishop, mayor, and overt xenophobia to build an orphanage for impoverished Italian-Americans.
With entrepreneurship, grit, and boldness, Cabrini creates a home full of compassion and a legacy that’s everlasting.
Bio :
Congrégation : 
Discours Pape François 2017 : 
Interview of  Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, the vicar for development in the Diocese of Brooklyn :
In 1996 : she is honored in the National Women's Hall of Fame
Enjoy. (coming to France planned in March 2024)

History, culture, religion: "Keystone"... Example of Notre-Dame de Paris
History, culture, religion: "Keystone"... Example of Notre-Dame de Paris :

- On this day which notably celebrates the Saint Curé of Ars, who went so far as to confess people 14 hours a day...a well-known strong character Priest...somelike "modern" Abbé Pierre who created Emmaus (Winter 1954...) and cared about justice and the "little"ones...Some authentic Priests who do show the example of their priesthood choice by taking care of true charity, hope, helping, caring about the "little" ones, "the forgotten ones" but not for the "show"... for Truth, Justice, Faith, Heart...

- let's also explore a cultural, historical, artistic, architectural point: the so-called keystones:

For example, the magnificent Notre-Dame de Paris which fell... and which should "re-illuminate"

when the Cathedral reopens, normally, in December 2024...

To be continued...

Fable and lesson: the man bitten by a dog
Fable and lesson: the man bitten by a dog 

Bitten by a dog, a man was looking everywhere for someone to cure him. An onlooker advised him to quench the blood with bread, then throw it at the dog that had bitten him. "But if I do that, I won't cut it," objected the injured man: "all the dogs in town are going to bite me in turn!"

This is the case with the wickedness of men: to give it a bait is to push it to unleash...

To meditate...

Fable and lesson: the rich and the mourners:
Fable and lesson: the rich and the mourners :
A rich man had two daughters. One of them being dead, he hired mourners.
"We are very unhappy", then said the other daughter to her mother:
"we who are stricken with mourning, we do not know how to deplore it, while these women, who are nothing to us, beat their breasts and lament with such intensity! "No wonder, my daughter," her mother told her, "that they utter such pitiful moans: it's because they're paid for that!"

There are people who, for the sake of gain, are not afraid to live off the misfortune of others.

A méditer...

History, Culture, Nature, Symbolism of the day: the Swallows of Happiness, Feathers of Peace Freedom

History, Culture, Nature and Symbolism of the day: the Swallows of Happiness, the Feathers of Peace & Freedom :

On this Sunday day, inspirations around the symbolism of Swallows and Feathers...

have you met, found any this day? ... :)

1) The Swallows: signs of Spring and Renewal, "LUCKY DRAWS", they also represent pure and

sincere love

The swallow is considered a totem animal associated with the symbol of love.

It is a bird that does not hesitate to help its partner in the work.

The swallow is also a bird that attaches particular importance to everything that happens in its life as a couple.

Lucky charm : The swallow symbolizes freedom, happiness, fertility, enthusiasm, luck, fidelity, loyalty,

purity and endurance...

2) Feathers: symbolism of Peace and Freedom... but also according to cultures, beliefs: justice, truth,...

"A single swallow does not make spring, a single MORAL act does not make VIRTUE" said Aristotle...

"Florebo quocumque ferar" (I will flourish wherever I go...Hommage to some of my Ancestors...) 

"Bonus of the Day" : Psalm 40 (41 Hebrews...) et 7 "the prayer for the persecuted righteous ones, and Divine Justice"...

To meditate...

Fable & lesson : le lion and the mouse : we always need someone smaller than ourselves
Fable & lessons : the lion and the mouse : 

1) By Esope :  (vers 620-564 avant J.-C.)

2) By Jean de laFontaine : (1668)

3 "lessons" : 

- we always need someone smaller than ourselves

- It takes as much as we can oblige everyone.

- Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage...

To meditate...

Fable and lesson : the boar and the fox :
Fable and lesson: the boar and the fox :

A boar was sharpening his tusks at the foot of a tree.

A fox asked him why he sharpened them like this, when neither hunter nor danger threatened.

"It's not a waste of time", answered the boar: "in case of danger,

I will not have time to sharpen them,

but then I will find them ready for use."

The fable teaches that one must take precautions before the hour of danger.

To meditate...

"Queens and others Combative Women of France" for Better Justice and Rights
"Queens and others Combative Women of France" :  a new photo gallery dedicated to all these different Women Queens or Revolutionaries, Resistants, expatriates... who loved France so much and fought for it and more Justice and Freedoms.

From Queen Clothilde Wife of King Clovis to resistance fighters in the Pantheon like Simone Veil, Josephine Baker (...) they have all fought and done their best to use their powers, talents, with their Love for France and JUSTICE, helped to more true sharing, more just laws more adapted to the times, for a Better Society, A Better France...

A photo gallery in progress is dedicated to them. To be continued.

In the respect of the beliefs of each one, one can also love and do the best for his country (or country that opens its arms to you for example of Josephine Baker) "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity": Faith, beliefs, spiritualities are not opposed to citizenship on the contrary, in the respect of each other, they are truly complementary, inspiring and helpful.

The example of a SERVANT who became a QUEEN of France and did her best to eradicate slavery : QUEEN BATHILDE : 

In addition to his policy of maintaining concord between the three kingdoms (Austrasia, Neustria, Burgundy), Marc Lefrançois, in his book Histoires insolites des Rois et Reines de France, retains from his reign his avant-garde struggle against slavery :

"Older than her husband, she has a great influence on the king, pushing him to rule the kingdom with an iron fist. Under the advice of Saint Eloi, and most certainly marked by her childhood, she will do everything for the definitive prohibition of slave markets on her lands, causing the disappearance of slavery in the Frankish kingdoms. »

"Even so"... said actress Sarah Bernhardt...

History and myth : King Arthur, Roi des Bretons...& Excalibur :
History and myth : King Arthur, Roi des Bretons...Excalibur :

Myths, propheties, sometimes political uses... :

Henry VIII used a prophecy attributed to Merlin that foretold the revenge of the Celtic peoples of Britain on the Saxons to present his father, the Welsh King Henry VII as the one who fulfilled this prophecy :and of the kings of Brittany celebrated by Geoffrey of Monmouth1. Henry VIII also relied on the legend of the kingdom of the island of Britain to proclaim the imperial and therefore independent character of Rome and the Pope of his kingdom, the Emperor Constantine being linked according to Geoffrey of Monmouth to the royal dynasty of Brittany.

Fable and lesson of the day : the shepherd and his sheep

Fable and lesson of the day: the shepherd and his sheep :

A shepherd led his sheep into an oak grove, where he saw a very large oak laden with acorns.

After spreading his cloak at the foot of the tree, he climbed on it to shake the fruit.

But his sheep, while eating the glands, also inadvertently devoured his coat.

Once back down, the shepherd notices it. "Stupid sales!" he cried then:

"you who give to others your wool for their clothing,

you have taken away me, to me who feeds you, even my coat!".

So men: out of stupidity, many are those who serve complete strangers, while mistreating their loved ones...

To meditate...

News : A law on "the protection of freedom of expression" arrives in the US Congress, and France?

1) A law on "the protection of freedom of expression" arrives in the US Congress ("Free Speech Protection Act")! 

To put a stop to a spiral of censorship in many places...

This contrasts, for now, with France where the European DSA regulation of censorship of social networks arrives...

Une loi sur « la protection de la liberté d’expression » arrive au Congrès américain (« Free Speech Protection Act ») !

Pour mettre un coup d’arrêt à une manifeste spirale de la censure...

Ça tranche, pour l'instantavec la France où le règlement européen DSA de censure des réseaux sociaux arrive ...La France connue pourtant pour ses valeurs "Liberté Egalité Fraternité" ...  suivre...

2) Regulation or censorship ?

Il y a une différence entre protéger, informer, discerner, réguler, condamner au besoin notamment du cyberharcèlement ou des abus pouvant avoir lieu sur les réseaux sociaux, et la censure...

There is a difference between protecting, informing, discerning condemnation of cyberbullying or abuse that may take place on social networks, and censorship...

"Liberté Egalité Fraternité"...Illustration Coeur US : "Freedom, let it ring"...(traduction : Liberté laissons-la (ré)sonner!) 

Certificate "Foundations of cybersecurity" validated in English / GOOGLE
Certificate "Fondations of cybersecurity" validated in English / GOOGLE 

I have the joy to announce I got my Google 1st certificate about  "the Foundations of cybersecurity"(1rst chapter from Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate) Success at 88,65 %. (you need minimum of 75% for validation). Around 14h for this 1st chapter : learnings, videos, exercices, glossaries, tests, discussions : clear efficace motivating. 7 others chapters to validate the whole certificate for Google Cybersecurity professional certificate.  

In this 1st chapter what was learnt : 

  • Recognize core skills and knowledge needed to become a cybersecurity analyst

  • Identify how security attacks impact business operations

  • Explain security ethics

  • Identify common tools used by cybersecurity analysts

2) Skills you gain : 
  • Information Security (INFOSEC)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Historical Attacks
  • Ethics in cybersecurity
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)

To be continued :) Successfully, VPT. "Tiny-Mighty". 

News: Reflections on World Day of Grandparents and Older Persons...
News: Reflections on World Day of Grandparents and Older Persons, the important & necessary value of transgenerationnal relationships, however...:

Let's remember, also, and honestly, that among our elders, direct or close, depending on the circumstances, there are different categories : more or less "good" or "bad" (sometimes the vine gets better with age, sometimes it gets bitter and horrible)... or sometimes you have to learn to protect yourself because who says "elderly persons" can mean "Tatie Danièle" (re)watch the movie if needed...

1) the "Mothers (or Fathers it works in the male way too) Térésa" ou "Abbés Pierre" or others positive encouraging examples, globally nice Elders, who do or tried to do their best without being Saints... :

 2) les "Tatie Danièle" ... : (it works for men too...) if you haven't seen the movie yet, do it ...

3) black widows (or men) : article example : their crazyness; their crazy networks, poisons, lies, "bad comedy"... (...) go away or live hell on earth ! 

Let us know how to pay hommage, honor our Elders, with love, respect, without naivety and at their fair value.

To meditate...

Fable and lesson : the monkey and the dolphin : what about lies and monkeys 'liars' s costs...?
Fable and lesson : the monkey and the dolphin : dedication to lies or liars

It is the custom, for a crossing, to take as companions on board small Maltese dogs or monkeys in order to entertain them during the trip. A man therefore embarks with a monkey. In the vicinity of Cape Sounion (promontory of Attica)a strong storm broke out. The ship having capsized, all the passengers swam away, and the monkey did the same. A dolphin who saw him; mistaking him for a man, slipped under him to support him to dry land. Arriving near Piraeus (this is the port of Athens), he asked the monkey if he was a native from Athens. As the monkey replies yes and that there were illustrious parents there, the dolphin asked him again if he knew Piraeus. The monkey, thinking he was talking about a man, says yes, and that he was one of his old friends. Outraged by this lie, the dolphin threw the monkey into the water and left it to drown. 

This fable can apply to lies, liars. No one is perfect, however intentional lies, especially in organized groups (like "monkeys") causing damages & taking others for stupid ones that they are not, can cost the monkeys... their own lives. 

To meditate.

Story of a celebrated WOMAN day in the catholic church : Marie-Madeleine "Apostle of the Apostles"
The Feast of a Woman in the Church: 
Mary Magdalene, "Apostle of the Apostles..."

Celebration of Saint Mary Magdalene is elevated to the rank of a feast.

Explanation (Bishop Arthur Roche) (June 3, 2016):

Other info:

Parabole "story" of the day to meditate : "le bon grain et l'ivraie"  separate when it's time : wheat and chaff

Enjoy this positive woman celebration, whatever beliefs you have, in their respect.

History and Symbol(ism): the Fleur de Lys: language of flowers and history of France
History and Symbol(ism): the Fleur de Lys: language of flowers and history of France

It is enough to visit some castles of the Loire, for example, or to be a little interested in history to realize that the lily is a flower with strong symbolism, marked by history, especially of the kings of France, for many centuries. For the anecdote, you should know that both spellings are accepted: lily or lilies.

Under Clovis (466-511), king of the Franks and first king of France, it is the iris that becomes the symbol of the French monarchy in connection with the Virgin Mary, protector of Kings. But the iris and the lily (Lilium), if they vaguely resemble, do not belong to the same family, so it does not seem that the fleur-de-lis finds its origin so far away. The legend lives on despite everything.

The fleur-de-lis is said to have appeared for the first time on the scepter of Charles the Bald (823-877), grandson of Charlemagne, King of West Francia (742-814) and Emperor of the West (800). French royalty would therefore have chosen this emblem in the same way that other European ruling families had chosen the eagle, the lion or the leopard.

For centuries, until the revolution, the fleur-de-lis imposed itself as heraldic furniture on monuments, coins, fabrics and tapestries, sculptures, statues, art objects, painting...


The language of flowers, sometimes important when offering a bouquet, is not unrelated to historical symbolism: the whiteness of the fleur-de-lis always symbolizes purity, innocence and virginity, which explains why it adorns churches but also wedding ceremonies. Pure love and the nobility of feelings are inseparable from the lily but also from the marital union.

As an extension of these symbols, the lily is also used during deaths to illustrate the purification of the soul of the deceased before joining paradise. It also corresponds to the serenity that must accompany sorrow.

Fable of Lafontaine "The hare and the tortoise : there is no point running;you have to leave on time
Fable of Jean De Lafontaine : "The hare and the tortoise" : There is no point running ; you have to leave on time..

The Hare and the Tortoise bear witness to this. Let's bet, says this one, that you will not reach As soon as me this goal. - So early ? Are you wise? Departed the light animal. Gossip, you need to purge With four seeds of hellebore. “Wise or not, I bet again. Thus was it done: and of both We put the stakes close to the goal: Knowing what, that's none of the business, Nor which judge was agreed. Our Hare had only four steps to take; I hear of those he does when ready to be reached He distances himself from the dogs, sends them back to Calendes, And makes them roam the moors. Having, I say, time to graze, To sleep, and to listen Where does the wind come from, it leaves the Turtle Go his Senator train. She leaves, she strives; She hurries slowly. He, however, despises such a victory, Hold the wager to little glory, Thinks it's about his honor To leave late. He grazes, he rests, He enjoys anything else Only at the wager. In the end when he lives That the other was almost at the end of his career, He took off like a dash; but the outbursts he made Were in vain: the Tortoise arrived first. Well ! she cried, wasn't I right?

What do you use your speed for? Me, win! and what would it be If you carried a house?

Lesson to meditate : There is no point running ; you have to leave on time...

Fable of Jean de Lafontaine : "the fox & the stork" : deceivers : expect the same for you ...
Fable de Lafontaine : "The fox and the stork"

Link :

Compère le Renard cooled off one day, And kept Gossip Stork to dinner. The treat was small and without much preparation: The gallant for any task, Had a clear broth; he lived frugally. This broth was served by him on a plate: The Long-Beaked Stork could not catch a crumb of it; And the fellow had lapped it all up in a moment. To avenge this deception, Some time later the Stork begs him. “Willingly,” he said to her; because with my friends I don't do ceremony. » At the appointed time, he ran home De la Cigogne his hostess; Praised politeness very highly; Found the dinner cooked to perfection: Above all, bon appetit; foxes do not lack it. He rejoiced at the smell of meat Cut into small pieces, and which he thought to be delicous. We served, to embarrass him, In a vase with a long neck and a narrow mouth. The Stork's beak could easily pass through it; But the sire's muzzle was of another measure. He had to return home on an empty stomach, Ashamed as a fox taken by a hen, Clutching the tail, and carrying the ear low.

Lesson to meditate : Deceivers, it is for you that I write: Expect the same.

Fable and lesson of the day : THE WOLF AND THE HERON
Fable and lesson to meditate : "THE WOLF AND THE HERON" :

A wolf, having swallowed a bone, went everywhere looking for someone to rid him of his illness. He met a heron, and asked him for a fee to remove the bone. Then the heron lowered its head down the wolf's throat, pulled out the bone, and then demanded the agreed wage. " Hey ! Friend, replied the wolf, isn't it enough for you to have pulled your head safe and sound out of the wolf's mouth, and do you still need a salary? »

This fable shows that the greatest "service" that can be expected from the recognition of the wicked is that to ingratitude they do not add injustice. (or maybe letting the wolf(ves) dealing with its(their)"ache(s)"...) 

Zen moments, co-creative discoveries, scenery, photography of (new) parfums-perfumes...

Inspirations here or there... Free your tastes :) ..."Divine ? did you say "Divine"? :) for example ... :) "Follow your dreams ...! " 

Galerie photos "PERFUME TIMES & DISCOVERY" all rights & copyrights to verothomas aka "Tiny-Mighty".

Enjoy ! 

Fable and lesson : the peasant & the eagle " the good you will do will come back to you"
Fable and lesson : the peasant & the eagle " the good you will do will come back to you" : 

A ploughman (or peasant), having found an eagle caught in the net, was so struck by its beauty that he delivered it and gave it freedom. The eagle was not ungrateful to his benefactor; but seeing him sitting at the foot of a wall that threatened ruin, he flew towards him and removed in his claws the blindfold that girded his head. The man got up and went after him. 

The eagle dropped the blindfold. The ploughman picked him up, and retracing his steps, he found the wall collapsed where he had sat, and was well astonished to be thus paid back.

Lesson proposed : "It is necessary to render the services which one has received ; for the good which you will do will be rendered to you".

 To meditate...

Fable and lesson : about winter 2023 ..."those who don't work in summer won't eat in winter"...
Fable and lesson : "the ant and the grasshopper" Esope (also exist French Fable from La Fontaine) 

It was the middle of winter, a clear, freezing day. Despite the cold, the Ant warmed itself in the sun. She was chewing a few seeds from a large pile that she had painfully "piled up" throughout the summer.
While the Ant was eating, the grasshopper arrived, her stomach crying famine. Addressing the Ant, she begged for one or two seeds: 

"Well," asked the Ant, "what were you doing during the summer?"
"I jumped from leaf to leaf, nibbled on them, sang," replied the grasshopper.
"You haven't put anything aside for winter?" asked the Ant.
The grasshopper shook her head sadly." All the same, these grasshoppers," said the Ant. Then she gave some seeds to the grasshopper, and sent it back with these words:

"those who do not work in summer will be hungry in winter"...

 To meditate... 

Fable and lesson : "the horse and the groom" & a Chinese Art Illustration to meditate
Fable and lesson : "The horse and the groom" : 

A groom stole barley from his horse and sold it; On the other hand, he spent all day rubbing it, choking it. The horse said, "If you really want to see me beautiful, don't sell the barley for my food anymore."

This fable shows that greedy people depress poor people with their seductive speeches and flattery, while they take away even what is necessary.

Illustration - Painting joined : Horse and Groom, or Man and Horse (Renma tu), is a Chinese ink painting on a roll of paper, made by the Chinese artist Zhao Mengfu or his son Zhao Yong, in 1296, during the Yuan dynasty, representing a white horse held by its groom. It is kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

"Analysis wikipedia" (...) : The position of the groom and the lightness with which he holds the rope of his stallion suggest that he is an accomplished horseman, able to keep under control a particularly powerful animal. The set also indicates that this horse is an animal of value.

To meditate...

Fable and lesson " : "the swallow and the snake"
Fable and lesson : "the swallow and the snake" ...

"A swallow had left its nest, which it had built in a court. A serpent crawled into it and engulfed the chicks. On its return, when it found its empty nest, it began to moan, at the height, another swallow, seeking to console her, told her that she was not the only one to have suffer the loss of her children. "No doubt", she answered him, but i do not deplore the fate of my little ones so much, as to have seen all justice flouted at the very place where one obtains his help."

...The fable shows that "misfortune strikes its victims hardest when it comes from those they least expected"...

National French 14th of July 2023 : "Liberté Egalité Fraternité"...
Bonne Fête Nationale du 14 Juillet 2023 !

Some historical info on the date... :

Little story to meditate Fable Esope about "Héros"...

"A man had a hero in his home, to whom he offered sumptuous sacrifices. As he never ceased to put himself in charge and devote enormous sums to his offerings, the hero appeared to him a night to tell to him "stop my friend to dissipate your property in this way : for if all your fortune goes there, and if you end up in poverty, you will blame me. Lesson ? similarly many people impute to the Gods the misfortune that they own to their own irreflection. ... " to meditate 

Lien film : Batman "a dark knight" version Christopher Nolan... (2012) à méditer ...

History lesson : the thistle flower : military strategy, symbolism, protections :

Military strategy versus the VIKINGS invasion :

French news : new military law adopted today...:

What does the thistle flower represent?

In the Victorian language of flowers, thistle represents instruction and means "Your intervention is not desired." For the Scots, thistle is synonymous with courage, strength and bravery.

Does a thistle bring good luck?

In Scottish tradition, the thorny thistle thwarted the attack of an enemy army thanks to its stinging spines. Since then, it has been associated with luck, strength and courage.

Is thistle the flower of Scotland?
The thistle is the flower of Scotland, as it played a key historical role in the victory over enemy invaders. The flower appears in royal heraldry, on the logos of sports teams and as a symbol of the elite Order of the Thistle.

What is the spiritual meaning of thistle?
The thistle is related to the Virgin Mary. In some areas of France, the sap of the plant is associated with breast milk and was once believed to offer powerful protection against witchcraft.

Is thistle toxic to humans?
Thistle is not toxic to humans. In fact, it has many culinary and medical uses and is an important plant for pollinating species such as bees, butterflies and birds.

History lesson : the thistle flower : military strategy, symbolism, protections

French History popular & symbolism lesson : "le chardon lorrain" "who rubs it stings" be aware :)
French History popular words "who rubs it stings" "qui s'y frotte se pique", "French Lorraine chardon symbolism" Born in Thionville, and studied some in Nancy here are two explanations : "ne toquès mi, je poins"...

I) What is the origin of the expression "who rubs it there"? The meaning of this expression can be summarized by: when attacking someone or a danger, it is necessary to measure the risks. The expression "Qui s'y frotte s'y pique " dates from the end of the 16th century. It is often attributed to the Dukes of Orleans who first adopted the porcupine as their emblem, but also to the kings of France Louis XI and Louis XII who used it and whose motto it was.

II) But "Qui s'y frotte s'y pique" can also come from the very close historical motto, from the city of Nancy, which is linked to the image of the thistle: Non inultus premor, which means: I am not attacked without taking revenge. This was notably the motto of some knights who with these words warned their opponents of the vigour of their response in case of attack. The coat of arms also featured a thistle...



History lesson : The Council of Thionville : How King Louis The Pious got righfully Bishops judged
History lesson : How a king, Louis The Pious, got some Bishops judged and got him back what belonged to him : 

The Council of Thionville, sometimes called the Synod of Thionville (February 835), was celebrated to solemnly reinstate the Emperor Louis the Pious and judge the bishops, in particular Ebbon, who, during the dismissal of the emperor at the Council of Compiègne also called Soissons, in November 833, under the influence of Lothair, had taken a stand against Louis.

Louis wanted, he said, that the Church that had condemned him, absolve him and give him back his titles: "The Church has condemned me, it is up to the Church to absolve me now; The bishops have disarmed me, it is up to the bishops to give me back my weapons. ».

To meditate. 

Fable and lesson "the wolves and the sheeps" Esope Fable
With the announcement today that French President Macron won't do any speech on July the 14th...

French article :

A Fable lesson comes in mind as some "warning" lesson for France about "the wolves and the sheeps"... 

"Wolves had sworn the loss of a herd of sheeps but could not come to terms to it because of the dogs that stood guard. So they decided to use a ruse : and sent an embassy to the sheeps to claim their dogs : they  alone were the cause of their enmity ; once delivered peace would be concluded. The sheeps, which had not seen the continuation delivered the dogs. And as soon as they were made masters of them, the wolves had no difficulty in slaughtering the now defenseless herd. The same goes for the cities : those who deliver their leaders without resisting do not suspect that in their turn, the enemy will soon hold them under their thumb..."

To meditate...

History lesson: from my native Lorraine, the Cross of Lorraine: Liberty; Resistance Fr; Presidency
History lesson: from my native Lorraine, the Cross of Lorraine: Liberty; Resistance fr; Presidency

The cross of Lorraine, also called cross of Anjou, patriarchal cross and archiepiscopal cross, is a symbol of cross with two crosses.
Initially representing the True Cross, associated with the pilgrimage and crusades in the Holy Land, it appears in the symbolism of various Christian lords, in particular that of the Dukes of Anjou and the Dukes of Lorraine.

In the fourth century, Empress Helena — mother of Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor, founder of the Eastern Empire — allegedly discovered the remains of the True Cross, that of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This legendary relic, like others who touched the Messiah, then became an object of veneration in the Christian East. Surmounted by a sign (the Titulus Crucis) bearing the inscription "INRI", it is symbolized by a cross with two crosses.

René I, grandson of Louis I of Anjou and heir of Louis I of Hungary, reigned over the Duchy of Bar and (by his marriage) over the Duchy of Lorraine from 1431. He uses the cross of Anjou which passes on the neck of eagles bearing arms, hence the cross of Lorraine in the coat of arms (but not in the coat of arms) of the Dukes of Lorraine.

In 1477 at the Battle of Nancy, the soldiers of René II – wearing this cross to distinguish themselves from the enemy – defeated Charles the Bold, powerful Duke of Burgundy. This resounding victory established the reputation of the cross as a symbol of Lorraine. The name "cross of Lorraine" then replaces those of "cross of Anjou" and "patriarchal cross".

La France libre adopta la croix de Lorraine pour emblème sur la proposition du vice-amiral Émile Muselier faite à de Gaulle, le 1er juillet 1940, en présence du capitaine de corvette Thierry d'Argenlieu12,13,14, « en opposition à la croix gammée »15

En métropole, la croix de Lorraine comme emblème de la France libre est connue depuis 1940 à la fois par les émissions de la BBC et par des tracts parachutés, et sert à un certain nombre d'individus isolés à exprimer, par exemple par des graffitis, leur sympathie vis-à-vis des Anglais ou de la France libre. En 1941, la BBC encourage plus explicitement à utiliser ce symbole à l'occasion de manifestations patriotiques comme le 11 novembre ou le 14 juillet22.


In 2018, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech behind a pulpit showing the unofficial emblem completed with a cross of Lorraine at the top of the shield of pelta. The emblem is composed of a shield in the shape of a pelta, decorated at its ends with the heads of lions or roosters or lion and eagle, a bundle of lictors and branches of oak and olive, the latter two elements symbolizing respectively justice and peace.

It is the work of the sculptor Jules-Clément Chaplain. It has been used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 29 July 1912.

The emblem designed by Jules-Clément Chaplain is still used to designate diplomatic and consular posts, on the cover of French passports and serves as the basis for the logo of the Presidency of the Republic.

From Cyberharassment to cybersecurity
From cyberharassment to cybersecurity : train-educate ourselves, better knowledge and actions, better protection and positive power (individual, group or a Nation). Training in progress.

France is dangerously late in that subject (regarding to the lack of laws like the one anti-gangstalking proposed by Mrs Fromentin at French senat, technically, in trainings, with "French brains" not granted and going abroad).

French sénat necessary law : Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - e-pétitions du Sénat (

French article about 2023 tendencies

French link for infos about cyberharassment :

Educate, protect and expand yourself for the best...of oneself, your loved ones, groups' freedom protection, Nations like France protection and expansion.

To be continued.


History lesson : "the SALIC LAW" "opportunist" of 1318 : 

"Women in France can't inherit or transmit the Crown" ...

Context :

A French press article :

To sum up :

Video :

WHAT ABOUT in 2023 ? like 700 years later ? how would or could it be ? a new SALIC LAW to "permit" women to inherit throne and /or transmit it ? ... or a good WOMAN President of France someday...?

History Lesson

History & Worldwide Family Culture lesson : REUNION Island latinexpression "FLOREBO QUOCUMQUE FERAR"
History Lesson : Culture, Family, Genealogy, Ecusson, Devises ... 

L'Ile de la Réunion "The Reunion Island" before called Ile Bourbons has its national latin expression inspiring "FLOREBO QUOCUMQUE FERAR" meaning "I will florish wherever I go" : inspiring Ancestors :) aren't they ? :)

And you what is or would be your favorite "latin expression"? 

New personality and motivation tests - AssessFirst
Well today it is Fathers' Day in France, Happy Fathers' day to all "Good Daddies" in the world.

And new personality & motivation tests :) how interesting :

TEST Personality : TALENTS TAGS : personal style "PROMOTEUR-ice" :) Leadership & Creativity / Rigor and empathy

#lead #conviction #direct #self-assured #Critical sense #autonomy #creative #conservative #tenacious #initiative #reactive #Enthousiastic #expressive #secured
TEST Motivation : Favorite work environment : style "ACTION & DYNAMISM"

  #studious #flexibility #professional #agility #calm #adaptability #concentration #freedom #serious

privileged activities : "design, assess, perfect..."
"Veronique appears as a determined and deliberate person. Proactive, she is always looking for proposals and actions to advance her work. She approaches her activity in a flexible way and easily manages change and unforeseen events. The engaging way in which she presents her ideas leaves little room for doubt for her interlocutor : we want to follow her. She has leadership and a desire for continuous progress that makes her an incredible driving force in a team". 
A suivre :) To be continued, Successfully, V.T "Tiny-Mighty".

Revelation-book "Comment on a hacké ma vie" ("how my life was hacked")by Loic Noël
An incredible revelation book to read absolutely and share ! "How my life was hacked" by Loic Noël from Belgium. A testimony of hacking hell that also brings clarity and relief to others victims like in FRANCE ! Yes it happens in FRANCE too ! we feel less alone and get more motivation to keep on about truth being said, justice to victimes, new laws like against gangstalking, educating about it. And as gangstalkers mostly understand two langages : PRISON laws & HIGH PENALTIES ! 

Gratitude to Mr LOIC NOEL for his courage and testimony. 

- a French Interview on famous RadioFrance : May 17th
Another French affair about : gangstalking, illegal surveillance, ...abuse of high level technics on a "simple citizen", threats (...) Affair Gaccio ("Guignols de l'info") at CANAL + : ITW :
Another more recent French Affair 2021 SQUARCINI : Ruffin / LVMH : 10 millions of euros were given to French justice to avoid LVMH legal proceedings.
Article Le MONDE : 

In France reminder of Mrs Fromentin who tried to introduce laws against ganstalking ! remember also that gangstalking can be done to a person, a group of person or ... a Nation ! France needs those laws !:

Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - e-pétitions du Sénat (

Joan of Arc : History lesson for nowadays gifted women BE WISE...
Some people like to use "Joan of Arc" as a symbol here or there.

Let's remember truth & History to what was done to this gifted faithful woman.

AFTER she helped the King and the Religious ones to get the throne and power, she was betrayed and killed.

Lesson : be mindful, who, how, you help people especially when you are a woman of talent or gift. Middle Age and its betrayals, some bad religious habits... is not that far away.

Women of talent and/or faith : be wise. The stories can still be inspiring now and be written in a different, better & more fair way.

Let's BE WISE & ENJOY the JOURNEY :) Period.

May 8th 1945 VICTORY : End of WW2 & France is delivered
A symbolic date to remember and honor : A Victory for Freedom and more and a tough price of blood. Let's be humble as possible and be grateful to all the people wherever they could come from especially US Army that have helped France and others countries to be Free from tyranny, dictatorship. 

Let's take righteous lessons from History and avoid same mistakes... and in Peace save possible...

"United we stand, divided we fall". "Bellicae Virtutis Praemium" (Honoring the virtue of COURAGE as possible). 

International Women's Rights Day / Journée des droits des Femmes : 8 Mars 2023
Let's celebrate :) The International Women's Day 2023 ! 

Inspirations : 2 Movies, a French Official Hommage and a law proposition : (& Bonus..."Legally Blonde" ;)

INTRODUCTION (a movie too :) : "out of the grave" Kill Bill movie ;) ...a special dedication to all women around the world who have to put themselves out of UNFAIR grave...: 

(1572) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) - Out of the Grave Scene (5/12) | Movieclips - YouTube

1) movie 1 : a French Movie "la syndicaliste" : histoire vraie ... the true story of a French woman who was tortured and harassed by telling and defending some values, truth, helping France...

(1534) Exclu : découvrez la bande-annonce de “La Syndicaliste”, avec Isabelle Huppert - YouTube

2) movie 2 : an American touching movie " Women talking" : 

(1534) Women Talking - Bande annonce VOST [Au cinéma le 8 mars 2023] - YouTube

3) Hommage in France to Mme Gisèle Halimi ;  interview from 1977 : fight to make French law recognized RAPE as a CRIME....

(1534) #TBT : en 1977, le combat de Gisèle Halimi pour criminaliser le viol - YouTube

4) a law proposition for France : anti-gangstalking : it was once proposed at the French Sénat by Mme Fromentin but not yet voted ! urgent ! : 

Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - e-pétitions du Sénat (

BONUS : Conclusion :) "LEGALLY BLONDE " ;) "Watch me shine" ;) 

(1546) "I'll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be" - Legally Blonde (2001) - YouTube

Respect, courage, Love to all those women who through different activities, talents have done their best for more justice and fair freedom and to Women, for a better society for all of us, Women, Men and children all together . To be continued... 

January 2023 : CINEMA REVIEW !
A January inspiring CINEMA REVIEW ! Let's do it :) 

A year 2023 that brings an enthusiastic Cinema, with movies dealing with diversity, authenticity, comedy, history, memorie(s)... Some examples and the "Return" of Steven Spielberg :)....

1) "On the line" with Mel Gibson, directed by Romuald Boulanger, yes the famous French radio Host that worked on NRJ  ! humor, surprises... be ready for an intensive movie in the heart of competitive radio media universe... :)  ! (451) on the line vost - YouTube

2) "Youssef a du succès" with Ramzy, directed par Baya Kasmi, a movie full of authenticity, humor, respect, sweatness, so contemporary... (451) YOUSSEF SALEM A DU SUCCÈS Bande Annonce (2023) - YouTube

3) "The Fabelmans" with Michelle Williams, by Steven Spielberg... "He is back..."....His own story...gratitude for the courage and the love He shares it ... If I had to choose 3 movies from him :) : "E.T." (that gave me the flame for cinema !) "The Schindler's List", "Indiana Jones"....)(451) The Fabelmans - Bande annonce VOST [Au cinéma le 22 février] - YouTube

And many more others movies now and then that bring so much for Arts and audiences : "Les tirailleurs" avec Omar Sy, comedy "Astérix et Obélix et l'empire du milieu"...a "factory for dreams" (as called it Mr Spielberg :) ! fun, history, memories, comedy, questions... to be continued ! 

"Ars gratias Artis(ts)" :) ! 

Wish you All a Happy New Year 2023 !  May Love & Peace at least be among us, the world needs them for sure... and Blessings, Protection, Truth, Justice, Great Health, Unity, Creativity, Sharings, Sports, innovations and positive prosperity and more ... 

1) Find your 4 inspiring words in the words board (see the photos gallery "2023...") : for me it's about "gratitude, connections, breakthroughs and more ;)" and you ...? and make your "2023 inspiring mantra"( kind of :)

2) Avant-Première Paris Movie Inspiring : Gratitude :) "Babylon" by Damien Chazelle (don't focuse on the title). Actually it's more about "from Babylon to Terminator" :) a fabulous historical 3H movie showing the evolution of the Cinema industry with technology, cultural or social changings, professionalism of the activities etc. 

Link trailer vost subtitles in French :) 

(5528) BABYLON - Bande-annonce VOST (non censurée) [Au cinéma le 18 janvier 2023] - YouTube

3) An artistic link that I feel like sharing here :) 

Véronique Thomas- Fiche Artiste - Artiste interprète,Voix off,Improvisation - : la plateforme des agences artistiques

Happy Merry Peaceful Loving Truthful Healthy Positively Wealthy Fair Co-creative Year 2023 :) !

Happy New Year 2023 !

Thank you : Gratitude to the French BSPP Sapeurs Pompiers of Paris
A big thank you, GRATITUDE to the French BSPP Brigade de Sapeurs Pompiers de Paris (Armée de Terre - belonging to the French Army land forces ground ) & to the witnesses who called them for my help a few days ago. Be careful what you eat or drink and who has access...To be continued..

Thank you to all. Take all great care. 

Keeping on for the Best :)

9 years Anniversary ! for this-my ART(S) website ! yes this website was before under the link and now ( a little technical change that I had to deal with ;) whatever the website and thecreator myself :) we are the same in the Joy of sharing Arts ! A special Thanks to US Friends for their support :).

9 years and a few numbers ! 651 photographs, 26 videos, 38 news, 28 diplomas-trainings-certificates between FRANCE and the USA (14 in Arts, 7 in Education, 6 in sports & associated) 3 short-movies as a writer director editor producer (Grandma...patience ;)...1 concept for web / TV comedy duo of actresses multicultural "Yubai & Vero" (as co-writer, staging, editor) ;  15 ideas concepts for co-creative /educative and or sports ...

9 years Anniversary despite of 10 years of harassment by people organized that is called "gangstalking" with "gaslighting" & "flying monkeys" : considered as a CRIME in different countries, the equivalent here with the moral dimension, of 385.484 euros of damages : a serious subject : may light truth and justice be. And may France vote those specific laws too. 

France SENAT link proposition for law : Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - Reconnaissance du Stalking en tant que crime - e-pétitions du Sénat (

Keeping on for the Best.  

Challenges, sharings, learning... and more new adventures to build and come for the best ! Let's Celebrate and "Keep the smile" :) VT

"FLE Creative French worshops for Foreigners" bilingual FR-ENG
New FLE French creative lessons worshops for Foreigners since beginners. Bilingual method French English all ages for people who speak English or want to learn with both languages. Or just in French if preferred. With joy and creativity.

Classical courses and/or creative learning with theatrical activities.

Online with New-York, Los Angeles jetlag :) and more ! 

Enjoy ! A bientôt. 

International Day for Children's Rights UNICEF: remember and share for the best !
November 20th 2022 : The International Day for Children's Rights. UNICEF, What a special wonderful day to remember team spirit, to share about the subject and help as possible children's and coming generations for being taken care about and develop the best possible their abilities, talents, according to and respecting all kind of religions, philosophies, beliefs... 

The first rights of the International Convention read in French here(3815) Introduction C.I.D.E. Convention Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant - UNICEF / ONU - YouTube

More photos about Unicef volunteer actions, (helping to educate in schools,  creativity, sports...) : see Photos Galerie UNICEF Volunteer & Frimousses. 

All the Best, Take care. V 

"Cocorico & WW2 Heroes' Day" 8 MAI 2022 PHOTOS
PARIS, 8 mai 2022... un Jour Hommage France et Alliés... "WW2 NATIONS' HEROES"...Remembering the price of COURAGE, FIGHT, some Freedom and Life protection... HUMAN VALUES... GRATITUDE... 


Quelques photos de ce "Cocorico Day and Partners"... inspirations et messages ici et là. Enjoy :) Gallerie Photos by VeroTinyMighty :). Stay safe, Enjoy Life, Keep Growing positive, Inspire others, Share and take care...Best!

"A peculiar Sunday and Journey" ARTS PATCHWORK worshop by VeroTM
"A peculiar Sunday & Journey" photos gallery is an example of Arts patchwork that can be done in positive intuitive co-creative multiple Art worshops. 

After a walk, for example, : you get photos, draws, messages in books, clues in the streets, ... you put all together, change, re-create, paint, or (re)draw, write poetry or a tale or else :) try and (re)discover different forms of Art : at the end of the day you have co-created an inspired inspiring "Art" of your own:). IN THE PRESENT like in the mindfullness meditation. 

A worshop that can be done for a day long. In French or English. Discovering trying different forms of Art. 

Photos gallery : "A peculiar Sunday" (extracts, the whole is kept secret :) : all copyright@ VeroThomas. 

Enjoy ART, Enjoy your Intuition and Creativity :). Express your personal VOICE. Best. 

"1 min French-English" the essentials with Vero Tiny-Mighty
Let's have fun learning, teaching sharing those two wonderful languages. 

10 min-videos available on my youtube channel : verothomas1. Cards to print in my gallery "1Min French-English with Vero TM". 

It is proven that speaking the two languages at the same time for the process of learning helps developing cognitive abilities (to compare with the "classical total immersion in a language"). Well choose the best process/method for yourself !

Enjoy ! Videos on youtube/verothomas1 or on request. "1min French-English" Sport with Tiny-Mighty 22 - YouTube

"Let's BDAYS ! Find Your Golden TICKET(s) ! " NEW co-creative INTUITIVE worshops by VeroTinyMighty
"LET'S BDAYS ! Find your personal Golden Ticket ! " : some new co-creative Intuitive worshops @by VeroTinyMighty... alone or in group : discovering the treasures of your bday, through different Arts ... an hour or a discovering journey whole day to tell "TALE"  then :)  ...

Find your personal "Golden Ticket(s), Talents, Gifts, ..."  "REVEAL YOUR OWN SUPERPOWER" everyone has ...for a good-or better life and World... :)

Enjoy, trust yourself, take care... @Copyright VeroTinyMighty 2022.

International Women's Day : Poetry and DEBATE new worshop (bilingual all along the year)
"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women" Maya Angelou. 

New idea bilingual worshops for 2022 the year of EQUALITY, sharing around poetry of the world of inspiring women and possible men helping the growth and flow of positive changes. Bilingual. Possible all along the year. 

Co-creative debate especially around the French Values of "Liberty Equality Fraternity" including all religions or beliefs. Let's discuss, debate.


"Come alive ! : Co-creative DRAMA THEATER, ALIVE Stories with acting techniques" FR-US
NEW ! Come alive ! Co-creative DRAMA THEATER, making story-time ALIVE with ACTING TECHNIQUES (France-USA mostly). Donner vie aux histoires avec de multiples techniques et jeux d'acteurs. 

Improving your English / French with fun, ease, (self)confidence ! 

FUN, INTERACTIVE, all levels, tout niveau adaptable : French and /or English US/UK ; groups of children - teens - and /or adults.  (group of ten people, possible more according to Covid rules evolution).

Come ! and have fun co-creativity :) Stay safe, take care, Successfully, with Tiny-Mighty :). 

"The Cambridge preps & success" workshop
The Cambridge preps & succes worshop, for intensive funny positive learning holidays.

Funny English learning : listen, understand, talk, write, share... 

3 levels : starters, movers, flyers.. JUST LEVEL UP !!! with Tiny-Mighty... :) 

 (group of ten people, possible more according to Covid rules evolution).

Successfully. Stay safe, take care. 

NEW ! "ActingFIT" worshops : acting, fitness, martial arts Express !
NEW original worshops "ActingFIT" : acting fitness, martial arts. in French and/or English.

Self-confidence, concentration, intuitions... co-creativity. Let's "team-up" :)

Intensive express 1H top chrono or more according to groups or themes. 

"Empower your body, empower your Acting (craft or just well-being)" ;). 

All Copyright @VPThomas Tiny-Mighty Vero ;) Lets' have FUN ! 

"PHOTOS Transition Paris 2021-2022 : Triumph inspired in Gold & Purple"
Transition Paris 2021-2022 : under the good signs of the famous French Arc de Triomphe, with GOLD & PURPLE colors inspired and inspiring...all the senses awakened  ... :) and an Euorpean flag that was first put UNDER the the French Arc of Triumph as France will lead the European council for six months : a promising symbol in some ways, everybody's free of opinion ;)...

May France lead with great intelligence those "six months" for the best of all and especially coming generations...(serendipity...;)

PHOTOS gallerie "Paris Transition" Nec Mergitur ;) 2021-2022 all copyright VPTHOMAS. 


Worshops ARTS "The Happy Art Travelling/Roving Academy" Interstellar :)
Vacations, holidays, happy positive weekends, co-créativity, fun, imagination.. French or English.. or both :)

"The Happy Art Academy Travelling :)  online :) Interstellar : info

Happy Christmas and New Eve Times... :) Stay Safe Take care !

Worshops N.AM.S.@ :"manage stress, creativity, lead with neurosciences, arts, sports"
Worshops "N.A.M.S. coaching" @ : "manage your stress, creativity and leadership" through, thanks to neurosciences tools, positive psychology, combining arts & sports. Updated, this is s personal experienced all copyright method : "N.A.M.S. coaching" :). 

Since 4 years old. Teens and/or adults. A tools combined box to help personal development, psycho-neuro-corporal, dealing with stress situations, for multicultural, open-minded, positive solidary multi-cultural /international leads. (photos gallery "atelier gestion du stress & psy positive"/ wix : veromighty17.wixcom/namscoach)

Individual or groups (10). Face-to-face or online.  May the positive force be with you ! 

"Poésie - Poetry times : a sweet worshop for a sweet come back to school :) "
Let's do some "poésie"a  sweet imaginative poetry to come back to school :).

A new serie of 10 easy poems (5 French and 5 in English) to enjoy poetry and combined arts.

- Here two poems recorded : "L'automne" by Maurice Carême and the funny "Pop-Corn" :) very different and a lot to co-create. Words in the gallery "poesy & poetry..." and the 2 first videos in the the list of the webiste. (for more, on specific request or worshops). 

- also the discovery of a beautiful offered magazine educative and creative by Fnac store ; the poem and the discovery of migratory birds...(see in videos) Wonderful Illustrations by Aanton Krings.

 Enjoy . See you on some of my co-creative, educative and/or sports worshops ;). Stay safe, Take care.

"A tale to tell with a special guest :) guess who is there today ..."
"A tale to tell with a special guest" :) let's have some fun, guess who is it today ? let's have some fun discovering tales from the world with different worldwide characters, sometimes said monsters : who are they ? do they speak French, English ? :) what will we learn discussing, sharing with them ? ... and with "Halloween" coming the different "beliefs or myths around..." lets' talk about it ... a special guest you'd like to see or meet or ask or talk with ? let me know :)  // photo gallery " a tale to tell with a special guest" :). enjoy. To be continued.

"An Angel's smile in Paris : seasons transitions : multidisciplinary worshops & co_creativity"
"An Angel's smile in Paris streets or wink, letting some feathers here or there ..."incognito" ? ;) for fun for sign ?..."FLUCTUAT NEC MERGITUR"...

Here or there, and/or some poets, writers saying also "hello!": just "watch out" size and colors of the feathers ...after the crows :)... : and seasons transitions : observation, imagination, co-creation, links between seasons and keeping on through multidisciplinary worshops : what about photography, symbolisms of found objets, clothes, colors, activities, words, writing, Life storytelling again ... :) let's HAVE A WALK OBSERVE ENJOY and CO-CREATE :) ! a draw ? a tale ? a play ? a postcard ? a song ? what else ? ,). Enjoy !

"A Crow Day In Paris Garden..." Life & StoryTelling & Photos Gallery @VeroThomas
By A cloudy day in Paris Garden and a crow and his friends taking their territory on all statues... except the Good Samaritain statue... The Crow and the story of the Good Samaritain symbolisms or meanings and some creative tools for story-telling, writing tales worshops, comedy,  :) and much more creativity. "The Crow and the good Samaritain..." :) to be continued... some "CREATIVE CULTURAL SPIRITUAL worshop"...This is ART CRAFT :)...

Just look around (yourself) educate yourself : "observation, imagination, creation..."... Enjoy :)

All copyright @VeroThomas VPThomas. Thank you & enjoy creativity :). 

Worshop Theater Tales & craft create your little theater & stories
Enjoy an English Or French worshop combining theater, Tales, craft ! 

Create your own folded paper theater with pictures and information shared in the gallery “théâtre bilingue FR US tools “ ;) print the papers use your scissors and some glue enjoy the example of story “Cinderella” and create your own stories own Draws, own Characters ! Enjoy ! Have fun at the worshop or with your friends and family ! Quick bilingual explanative vidéo on YouTube verothomas1 ;)

Have fun ! 

« TinyMighty Vero Creastyle : Rise & Shine Fashion ideas » ;)
Cf New photos gallery & « Rise & Shine easy Fashion ideas«  ;)with old or new clothes, accessories, bijoux, any season ;). 

Colors, fun, vitality, joy, peace, sports, force, trust, faith, spirituality ...;) enjoy ;) 

"Tiny-Mighty Vero presents..."
"Tiny-Mighty Vero presents..." is an original serie of bilingual French / English videos, educative and entertaining, theater, arts, games... 

Co-creative info and exercices / games proposed also in the gallery "theatre FR-US tools & more..." and the full videos are on the youtube channel : verothomas1. Enjoy !

Worshop Bilingual theater & discovery of Classical French Comedy & De Lafontaine Tales
A new idea of bilingual Theater worshop : discovery of the French classical Comedy and famous old French writers such as Molière, Racine, Corneille... and the famous inspiring Tales of Jean de La Fontaine :)

enjoy ! Some Cards to work, practice, prepare in the photos gallery and short videos on my youtube channel : VeroThomas1. 

Possible donations for new development via PayPal or partnerships send a message !

Gratefully & Successfully :)

Bilingual French-English worshop « The Art of Acting, theater & US Comedy »
a Bilingual 3h French-English worshop with a great motivated group of teens (11-15 years old) 

fun and acting theater and US comedy (the famous TV shows we all know :) how characters are created played and co-work in a creative comedy environnement with comedy tips and so on :)

In the wonderful place of Beaujon Center Paris 8. 

See the photos galery « the Art of Acting«  :) 

World Tales & discovery of another book "Fight in the Darkness" Arts by Bastian De Witt
5 World Tales proposed on my youtube channel ! verothomas1.

Tales from the North, of Animals, from Africa, from Orient & Fantasy.

& Discovery, sharing of the book with incredible Arts illustrations "Fight in the darkness" by Bastian De Witt, written by Eugène Van Heysst (1rst chapter read). Photos Galery : "books and world tales". 

Enjoy !

Fathers Day, an easy martial rock chore ;)
After the “juicy” easy martial fitness chore for Mother’s Day, time to honor all fathers and good men in the world with a “funny easy martial rock“ chore ;) 

with love, positive force & wisdom to all good fathers & men in the world ;) 

Story time : 5 wisdom tales :)
Story-time : 5 wisdom tales + a bonus 

around 5 subjects : happiness, good actions, concentration, intelligence, values of effort. 

2-4 minutes each day for a Wisdom moment to share & meditate for a week. 

Enjoy !

Mothers' Day ! with a Juicy funny easy martial fitness choré ;)
A special Juicy :) funny easy body karaté & martial fitness choregraphy for all the beautiful mothers and women in the world !

Trailer 1 "The Tale of Evey, shifts & paradigms"
Short movie & Trailer by VPThomas all Copyrights reserved.

Enjoy some pictures in the gallery «the Tale of Evey« :)

Trailer : "The Tale of Evey" Shifts & Paradigms, trailer 1, 2018 - YouTube (verothomas1 channel youtube).

Transparent emotional mask
Making EMOTIONAL transparent practical funny MASKS, all ages, all kinds...

Signs language initiation ( introducing someone, emotions, colors ...)

Bilingual Montessori Knights & Princesses kids worshops
Funny creative bilingual French English kids worshops around the theme of Knights & Princesses ! Story time, drawing, singing, swording, dancing, creating shields swords Helmets..;)

FLASHMOB Unicef & 230 motivated children with body karate & theatrical combat !
A double Flashmob Unicef with 230 children to celebrate Uniday a special day for children to talk about rights and especially education and this year the right to access sportive activities. I had great pleasure creating the 7 min choreography with a first part of body karate with great DJ music and 3 min theatrical combat on great heroes movie music . A fabulous solidary day !!! With incredible share of sport fun martial arts education music acting with 230 children aged from 6 to 12 !

UNICEF a giant « goose game » about children rights in the world, all ages !
With Unicef a fabulous giant « goose game » introducing about children rights around the world, a game for children teenagers adults / parents. 2019 is also the year of the 30th anniversary of the CIDE the International Convention for children rights : a powerful positive year for worldwide consciousness for children care and rights.

"Little childhood & Travels organisation" Youth & Sport specialization / Certification
"Little childhood & Travels organisation" a specialization for Youth & Sport Certification. "Veronique, diligent & involved, did the training earnestly. True abilities to work in a team spirit, taking easily her leadership in different group works. Got part with relevance in discussions times. Creation, design & achievement of a fairy investigation game for 4-5 years children and an exhibition stand for a little children travel on a bilingual Montessori & Beach Discovery basis…"

Bilingual Philosophy public speaking Children worshops « méditation, philo, discussion » Montessori
New positive bilingual French-English Philosophy worshops for children 4-12 years old adapted to Montessori environment : children will enjoy Life themes discussion and with méditation body exercices and great philosophy and wisdom stories from the world (perseverance, forgiveness, sharings, strength...) developing public speaking art  , sharings : fun, ideas, zen & sharings!

Coach "Positive Psychology PERMA USA Model" training
Coach training in "Positive psychologie" PERMA USA model

Recognition IPHM l’International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)cpd "centre of excellence" ; CMA The Complementary Medical Association. 

an audacious and efficient mix of karate and fitness : martial arts technics and fun in music, respect & share !

with PSC1 new 1srt AIDS certification 

Short movie "The Tale of Evey, shifts and paradigms" by V.P.Thomas
A short movie, 11min11, fantasy, exploring the tale of the main character, the artist Evey in "shifts and paradigms". Written, directed edited produced by V.P.Thomas, Vero Thomas :) @all rights reserved. With Evey Jung, Ramiyah, Maëlle Besson. Original Music by Evey Jung.

Newly Practionner-coach trained in neuro-sensoriality, "stress and creativity management" ANS
Neurosciences and neuro-sensoriality tools to deal lovely, kindly, strongly with stress and co-creativity.

Short movie "Hereafter Grandma..." Voice Intro by VeroThomas
Short Movie. Coming. Intro Voice..."Destiny is written in the stars". Voice, Idea, Recording by VPThomas,(aka Vero TinyMighty) @ all rights reserved.

Children Coach Theatrical Combat / French and US-English

Short movie "Heartring Trilogy, Legacy, the alternative ending" by Veronique Thomas
Short movie Fantasy "Heartring Trilogy, Legacy, the alternative ending" by Veronique Thomas, written directed, edited, produced. With Antonio Tusseau. All rights reserved @ VeroThomas. 

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